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Game crashes during afk on Xbox Series X
Jappe 2020-11-16 08:12
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My game keeps crashing during afk sessions on XSX.

I usually just wake up to the console being on dashboard.


I have put ticket in for this but I'm being asked for a video of the crash... It happens while I'm sleeping so I can't really get a video about it.


Anyone else having this issue?


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We are still waiting for official response


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I have the same problem. I gave up and hooked up my One X for AFK. The Series X usually crashes while I play at least once a day. When it does, I can't restart the game until I reboot the console. 


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I have the same problem, after 3-4 hours AFK the game crashes and the XSX goes to the start screen

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Same issue here.

1 Days ago

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