Horroscopes should be changeable
Shaadoww 2020-12-01 10:36
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Edit Date : 01.12.2020

Greetings. And thank you in advance for your time in reading this suggestion. But having done my charachter creation and having not selected the correct horroscope i wanted for my dark knight charachter. I Wante to take the time to mention that so many people when creating there character like me tend to make a mistake or not pay attention to the horroscope when first creating there character. And while not nessisarily a problem there the problem is that once created there is no way to go back and reverse the choice or fix the mistake the player made. As i feel its detrimental to be able to not fix a mistake a player made in creating there character. And truly holds back the way the player wants to play the game and or create there character. As a suggestion i feel that for all players. A pearl shop item should be created that would allow us to fix our chosen horroscopes for our charachters by allowing us to change them after using said item. Rather then have to lose progress and make the same character all over agian.

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