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Super armour, pairs well with resistances.
UBTHEJUDGE 2020-12-02 22:41
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Edit Date : 02.12.2020

In regards to SA, invincible/iframes and the aweful de sync, plus not knowing how certain Crowd Crontrol/CC’s work in general, here are a few tips!


All resistances to 60% or over by slotting crystals with/and or class skills that buff resistances, movement speed should also be 5/5 as this helps in regards to not only running faster but faster movement in general, like getting up from knockdowns etc!


Once your resisting CC’s and if paying attention, you will actually notice frontal guard, guard, SA and iframs actually do work and it’s all to do with timing, not only knowing your class but also learning the other classes skills, what they do and what they lead to, not only that, SA does mitigate some damage and this is more noticeable when your trading blows when not being CC’d!

 Getting all resistances 60/+ should help you learn what skills work well to CC the other player when trading, what skills combo well in these situations and ultimately bring greater knowledge to your class!


CC can not be strung if mimicked, as in Stun > Stun > Stun,

CC have to be linked with either a different CC or standard attack,

Some skills can break CC if you have resistances and usually have the tool tip “can be used in certain situations”




Certain amounts of AP do actually treat SA like it doesn’t exist and usually comes into play the higher the AP to DP ratio, meaning, if your DP is around 250-280 without resistances over 60% your a one trick combo to someone with 261+ap!


The best fights are those with evenly matched GS and a good idea would be to practice with guild members, friends and matching GS before sparring, this will help gauge opponents with the same class as friends, but, doing a lot more damage, thus higher GS and there is no shame in losing to GS!


I shall also add; if an area is marked at a certain AP bracket, it means entrance level, proficient players will be ther with 20-40+ ap and especially in lower areas like polly forest, gahas, crescent shrine and fogans so bare this in mind when wanting to xp and monster hunt for silver, it’s better to go to an area that’s 20-40ap below what you have as it’s more proficient to do so and your more likely to encounter players of similar gear score!

Even if your rocking full TET there are players with full PEN, it’s not the skills, it’s the GS/skill and knowledge of the player.


Peace, hope this helps...

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FeedbackTopicSuper armour, pairs well with resistances.

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