One class isn’t enough!
UBTHEJUDGE 2020-12-11 01:29
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Does any BDO player feel as though the game only caters to using one class due to the enhancement system and its ambiguous nature?


what I mean is, there are twenty classes to date and personally would like more classes geared and parked at world bosses, several different grind spots, one for RBF and also one for PvP hunting!

Switching gear and hoofing around the massive map is time consuming and we still need weapons pertaining to those classes we enjoy even if we do switch accessories and armour, but enhancing weapons for several classes just isn’t viable as it takes away those resources from progressing to higher Gs on any one specific class, also adding to the fact some classes are better geared towards DR where as some are better with evasion and that could also be said for pure AP verses accuracy builds, different crystals used for said builds and even down to food and potions/elixirs used!

So would this not make the market healthier through supply and demand being on a greater scale?


All classes we choose to level after the first are geared from our main (I’m guessing) otherwise your stomped out of area when levelling through mediah, Valencia and entry to kamasylvia, XP 55 to 61 can be painful as these areas are usually farmed with 400-500+ GS, even with Naru or welfare we are only hitting 340 GS at best, for a new player trying to find their feet and also compete from L50 I can only guess it’s probably why a lot do not stick around, especially having the pressure to reach goals levelling a class in a time period to receive the rewards on offer and coupled with the enhancement system, must be very daunting for new entrants!


So, what I’m saying is, the enhancement system doesn’t let me enjoy all the classes and content on offer for several different reasons! and, is anyone else out there that wants to enjoy everything on offer, but feels the enhancement system just doesn’t cater to the idea of playing more than one class? 


Do any players feel as though we are ready for seasonal gear for the aforementioned reasons and any reason you would like to add?





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