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How to Help Berserker/Giant in 2021
Guiido 2020-12-14 17:51
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Edit Date : 19.12.2020



Hello all, My name is Guiido, I have played Berserker for now 2+ years and I think It's time to give my response on Berserker. I do this on behalf of the Zerk community. It would mean a lot if the Developers can see this message. I was heavily inspired to make this because of the Calpehon Ball Event, where they stated they will be more in tune with the community. I have submitted responses and feedback that I feel like has fallen on deaf ears for years, and although I have very little faith things will get better for Berserker it is still worth trying. 



Problems and Issues with Berserker:


I think to put it simply, Berserker is just far too behind other classes on basic fundemental levels. His base animations are far too slow for the damage he puts out. He is very on par with Guardian when we talk about animations. Berserker and Guaridan are very similar but Berserker does not have the Damage, Tankiness, Protection and AoE of a Tank class. Even with attack speed up he still feels far behind other classes animations that they can do without any attack speed needed. I think that his flows into different abilities are very mediocre and he does not have enough impactful, protected damage, he relies on a grapple to CC opponents, and is only impactful in team fights and siege with Black Spirit Rage. His cooldowns are also something that needs to be looked at when we talk about Berserker as they are far too long. Furthermore, he is also far too reliant on self buffs to make use of mobility and relies too much on attack speed to combo, the insane amount of bugs this class suffers is crazy. Wether a grapple bugs out consistantly or you are getting CC'd in Shake Off.


Those are just some of the problems I have listed I am probably missing a lot more but I want to break down each point I briefly mentioned so you can understand Berserker better.





When we talk about animations I am talking about the base animation speed of Berserker as a class. His basic level attack speed animations as well as movement speed animations. Due to his slower animations speed he cannot always successfully combo or finish off an opponent as they are able to get up or survive. While for example, in Awakening he has the abilty to have 20% attack speed (Buster Training) to compensate for slower attack speeds, it still just feels like a band-aid in terms of how he flows from and into other abilities and how they chain together. They naturally just all feel very clunky and slow and linger for far too long. Where as, many other classes can function and combo and flow perfectly fine without the use of relying on attack speed or movement speed buffs. I compare him to Guardian in this aspect as she is also very slow like Berserker but she is more "updated" and can flow into other abilities perfectly fine without the use of attack speed buffs and can also just naturally manuver and play without worrying about if you can effectively combo a person as her damage and low cooldowns more than compensate for that. Berserker has the same animation speed as Guardian but not the damage and flow speed of her. He is simply outdated and needs to be reworked trumendously in this regard to match other classes in some way. 



Damage Output, Tankiness, Protection & AoE Sizes:


As previously mentioned, Berserker's animation speeds do not reflect the damage he should be doing. When we take a history look at Berserker he has been nerfed trumensously compared to a lot of other classes and in general at no point in the history of this game have the developers gone back and compensate him for the CC changes as well as the 2017-2018 round of nerfs. Here is an example of that:


I personally feel like his damage output is not relative to his animation speed as well as his AP. In all aspects of the game, low or high, you require a grapple to egange and to properly combo in almost all scenarios of PvP. This old ideology has hindered Berserker more than it has helped it. Berserker does not need 4 grabs, and many Berserker players like the idea of Corpse Storm and Rooting being completely removed while Smack Down and Rock Smash remain, as well as our 200% get nerfed and Flame Buster Spam in Awakening is also nerfed. This is so that you can then fully buff the rest of the kit by granting a lot more Damage Output on all abilities and increase the Super Armor and Frontals of each ability as well as his tankiness so he can actually trade with opponents as a Tank class. Many classes like Striker, Guardian, Valkyrie, Warrior absolutely blow Berserker out of the water in these regards and all of them are Tank classes in the same catagory as him except they are far more protected and have higher damage output while having high tankiness. 


Berserker has no shield, he has the lowest evasion scaling in the entire game, he relies on a grapple to CC opponents, he lacks in both protection and tankiness in his kit compared to many other classes in the game. Other classes do not need BSR or a Class buff to make an impact in battle. Why do other melee classes feel so much more updated and more impactful than Berserker?  Why does Berserker have to be so different? What is so hard about making him a "Berserker" ? Why can't you see him as a class like everyone else and give him the rework he deserves.


References to the recent round of nerfs that have continued to negatively impact him: 


Damage to other classes have been lowered even more:


Damage taken to Berserker has been increased by 95% of the classes:


Berserker has the worst base stats out of every class in the entire game:


Class Buff, Black Spirit Rage, Cooldowns, and Bugs:


As breifly mentioned above Berserker relies on his class buffs in both Succession and Awakening to make an impact on the battle field where as other classes do not need to class buff to make an impact while in combat. This is because most other classes are more updated and well refined. They do not need to class buff to make an impact because they have a skill set that makes them have a lot of utility, damage, protection and impact in battle without ever the need to class buff. They have lower cooldowns than Berserker with fully protected engagesments and disengaments, combo, tons of protected CC, utility etc. These kinds of things you do not see on Berserker ever because his kit is outdated and does not work in the modern day game. He needs a lot of work to make him up to par to other classes. 


This brings me to my next point in how he also relies on Black Spirit Rage to make an impact on the battle field. Noticeably his 200%. 200% Raging Thunder is one of the most if not the most broken ultimate in the entire game. But many of us see that as compensation for an absolutely horrible kit. I mentioned above that this shouldn't be the case and how he should not need to class buff or rely on BSR to make an impact while fighting in all aspects of PvP, small or large. Pearl Abyss needs to nerf his ultimate and rework his entire kit to be useful and impactful without the use and reliance of BSR, because as of now, this hinders Berserker trumendously.


My next point is his cooldowns. They are far too long. 45 seconds on healing abilities, 23 seconds on damage abilities, 20 seconds on burst abilities, 15 seconds on AoE's. These small examples are cooldowns that heavily put far too many gaps on his kit. He is all over the place when we talk balance. Too barred by high cooldowns, too many gaps in between, can't deal good, impactful, protected damage thats also low on cooldowns like other classes. You end up running around or standing still waiting for abilities to go off cooldown. This is a melee class we are talking about here that does not have the same kind of melee protection and frontline capability like other melee classes. He cannot do anything but move around fast which is also mostly unprotected btw besides Lava Piercer, first dash of Prime Tackling rock, or PH from Lava Piercer, or Giant Leap and Jump Sequence in Awakening. His cooldowns need to be lowered as well as his protection for example his Shake Off which does not provide a good i frame by the way should be 2 seconds to match other classes. I don't understand why Berserker has to have such high cooldowns.


Lastly, I want to discuss just how many bugs are on this class. This class is probably the most buggiest class ever. I have so many clips showing his bugs that haven't been fixed in years even though they are submitted with evidence. People falling out of your hands in grabs, people moving while in your grab, people doing damage to you while grabbed, targets going behind you or on the side of you after they are grabbed, Shake Off not providing a true i frame, damage not being registered correctly, hitstun on abilities like Lava Piercer I mean the list goes on and on. 


Here is some links and videos to Berserker Bugs and issues:




Bug List for years:


Other Very important videos:


Grabs still broken, please watch:



Conclusion, Summary, TLDR and Final Thoughts:


In summary, Berserker is lacking in many areas in the game and has been in a poor state for years. I think it is time for dvelopers to really look into him and really make him a viable melee class like his other counterparts in the roster. Many people who like melee classes that are tanky have tons of other better options to choose from and in so many ways are better than Berserker ever was. These updated classes like Guardian show so many signs of stuff that was taken from Berserker but made better. I would love to see Berserker be made more in line with other classes this year and for him to have a viable kit and use without relying on being fed Black Spirit Rage or standing around waiting for cooldowns to be up or his class buff. Thank you everyone.

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 07.11.2021

UPDATE: Feedback will be held for the Official Feedback for the Berserker Rework. This Forum Thread can be closed.

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
FeedbackTopicHow to Help Berserker/Giant in 2021

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