Can't claim any coupon
Harvath 2020-12-21 19:03
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Edit Date : 21.12.2020

I can't claim any coupon o PS4 NA coz it won't let me choose a region. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Edit Date : 29.12.2020

I have this same problem for XBox One. Web site won't let me choose a region to claim the cupon to hatch the Winter Egg.

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Edit Date : 30.12.2020

Ya its the same here I really want this dragon. This whole event seems so onesided like it wasn't planned for console.

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Edit Date : 30.12.2020

Never mind found out what was going wrong. Was trying to use wrong code on the wrong site. Real codes for event are: Valks +100 - (CALP-HEON-GIFT-1212)

Burning Jade Flame - (4TIE-RYOU-NGRA-UNO!) And Hammer of Loyalty - (HAMM-ERSF-ROMJ-1212).

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