Adventure Diary 3 of June
Akuma80 2021-01-07 02:04
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Edit Date : 07.01.2021

I have tried to do this mission over 50 I'm fedd up!

I was about to never play again cause I was so angry always getting stopped by the lag in calpheon! 

This mission should have more time, cause you loose between 10 and 30 seconds by the storage, by crossing the bridge with the elephant and other NPC's......and also on the other exit.....

This mission is just ridiculous cause its impossible to complete!

If you have more missions like that, soon I will be do tired of it that I will stop playing and uninstall the game!

I'm sure that a lot of people have the same problem!

I don't find this fair at all and you should make it possible to complete, maybe by adding some extra time or fixing for once and for all the god dam lag in calpheon!

I play on a Xbox one with ssd and stable internet!

Thank you!

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