Fix Recipe/item/description Inconsistancies
Shadow957 2021-01-10 11:51
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Edit Date : 10.01.2021

A number of in-game crafting recipes give either incorrectly labels items or ask for items that have wrong labels making looking for specific items confusing


Grilled Bird meat recipe gives "Bird meat" instead of Grilled bird meat

"Ground Bird Meat" processing recipe gives "Minced Bird Meat" but the recipe for Five-grains chicken porridge specifically asks for "Ground Bird Meat x2"


Five-grain chicken porridge cooking recipie gives chicken stew with grains,


The in-game description box for  Thick chicken stew with grains labels the item as Thick Five-grains chicken porridge and chicken stew with grains as Five-Grains Chicken Porridge unless a player bothers to read the descriptions for these items they won't realise there errors.


Apprentice's Five-Grains Chicken Porridge cooking box asks specifically for 20 Five-Grains Chicken Porridge but uses 20 chicken stew with grains



How about going through the game and make sure that item labels and descriptions are consistant to avoid player confusion, it looks like some recipe item names were changed but the devs didn't bother to change cooking/processing recipe names or the names/descriptions of ingredients used in those recipes.

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