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Account authentication failed
Adriana 2021-02-02 10:22
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# 1
Edit Date : 02.02.2021

Hi, please can someone help I've never had this issue, come home from work this morning and cannot log in. game says a count authentication failed. please can some help, tell me what the fudge is happening and why I can't log in. 

I'm on ps4 


Thanks so much 

Character Name Adriana
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 02.02.2021

Hey, same issue but on on ps5. Also never had this problem before. 

Character Name Neboo
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 02.02.2021

Same issue. Was working fine for me 6 hours ago. Came back on this morning to be met with the authentication failed notice. Its not maintenance, there's been no update in that time period, nothing has changed anywhere. 

Character Name Crom68
Main Character
# 4
Edit Date : 02.02.2021

I was ingame fine and then needed to restart console, tried to log back in with the sme error. was out literally 5 mins.



Character Name Abstrath
Main Character
# 5
Edit Date : 02.02.2021

sorry to hear, bites a little. been at work all night and just want to log in heh. can't. hopefully it will be fine when I wake up

Character Name Adriana
Main Character
# 6
Edit Date : 02.02.2021
Выкинуло из игры с ошибкой. Захожу снова и выскакивает "Аутентификация не учётной записи не удалась".
Консоль PS4.

Character Name ShayDJ
Main Character
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