Why people leave BDO
Sarge 2021-02-03 19:28
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Fix your game!!! There's too many evasion dp meme strikers that only have around 235-250 so but hit harder then even my class which is a 271 ap warrior. I do more damage to a ninja with 700+ Eva and 220ish dp then a striker with 600ish Eva and 340ish dp but yet he is still able to grab, leg drop, then clones and kill me.....your last update with the needed basic ap is POINTLESS since even new players can get over 150ap in just a few hours.


You should fix the summons issue and make it based off ap bracket and not basic ap


Nerf the strikers clones by roughly 20% PvP dmg and 100% acc to 50% like the other classes


If your wondering why you have less new players, well it's because your game is unbalanced classes and players get too many hand outs to get them caught up. No one wants some new player less then 1 month in to catch up to soft-cap players and it takes away the FUN of starting a new game when everything is handed to you plus makes ALL THE LOWER AP GRIND SPOTS USELESS which in turn means no reason to have the mobs in game.


Strikers need a hard nerf/debuff or whatever.....too OP with 340 dp and some evasion


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