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I finally did it!
Kandicaine 2021-02-17 08:29
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Edit Date : 17.02.2021

Being that I am a die hard console peasant for life, I never had the opportunity to play BDO on my trashcan of a rig when it first released 

Then comes along 2019 and the game finally releases on PS4 AND... and it's awful. The framerates and loading were so bad (marginally better now) and the game was so complex and daunting, that I got Dark Knight and Archer to 40 and put the game down and uninstalled. Defeated that the game I'd dropped about $100 on would be confined to the abyss of PlayStation purchase history.

Fast forward to today(and a very shamefully delightful couple hundred dollars later) and I am now rolling on Awakened Dark Knight and Guardian and having a grand time slaughtering everything. It's like Bloodborne as an MMORPG but much faster.


A week ago I decided to give BDO Mobile a try and found it to be significantly easier to understand but still containing the same fundamental basics of the games complex systems. 


This encouraged me to reinstall BDO on the PS4, with a new, and basic understanding of the game and it's systems.

This was my third and final attempt to play this game and I finally got it down. I'm learning new things (making costly mistakes) and having fun.

So that's just my kind of bit of introduction and story of how I got into the game.

Today I am hoping to apply the knowledge of failstacks that I've been researching while maintenance is happening 


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