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Some small suggestions
Kandicaine 2021-02-22 21:35
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Edit Date : 22.02.2021

Delete ring menu. Change hot bar set up to Crossbar like Final Fantasy 14 uses


The ring menu is nice for things like skill menus, things where you would want to use a ring/radial menu, but it works poorly for hotkey setups only being able to place hot keys on the D-Pad


Also, having L2 function as the modifier for the ring menu is extremely annoying when on a horse/mount as pressing L2 to access the ring menu will also cause the mount to accelerate - when you may want to remain stationary


Please remove or change the green 'parking' text above mounts. It is an eyesore and this game already has a ton of clutter. 

Please update the fonts for overhead names of NPC/PCs. The font is very difficult to read as it is not in bold or shadowed and does not look nice either.


Lastly please allow more UI options. Ability to resize/move UI elements. Ability to hide loot text from trash loot collected. The loot text covers a large portion of the screen, so much so that it is difficult with all of the screen clutter to properly navigate the game and I am forced to stare at the mini map to navigate my way through packs of enemies as it is difficult to actually see them on screen


Pleaze look into memory leak issues on PS4. The game runs quite well on PS4 pro, much better than it did at release (thank you), however after a few hours of gameplay and traversing many areas across the map the performance will significantly decrease until the game is restarted.

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FeedbackTopicSome small suggestions

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