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[EU] [XB/PS] Guild Recruitment
MrIsp 2021-03-10 08:57
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We are an active PvP Guild, looking to expand by recruiting active players interested in taking part in all sorts of activities. 



540+ gearscore

♡ Interested in PvP

◇Trina Axe could be handy

♧ Both consoles welcome


What We offer:

Node Wars 

GvGs and Frequent PvP

◇ RBF & BA 

♧ Guild Buffs

Class Training / Practice with  people

♡ A friendly atmosphere, a hub for gamers to unite and meet

◇ Weekly guildboss run 

♧ Discord VCs for cross-play

♤ Pvp Tournaments


Character Name MrIsp
Main Character -
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