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Why Black Desert Online Needs Salami
CloakdHero 2021-03-22 04:35
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Edit Date : 22.03.2021

Black Desert Salami

Addressed to: Game masters of BDO, incorporated request by many

Salami Overview in Black Desert Online and why it needs to be incorporated.


What Salami looks like.

Salami is a food that lives in the real world that needs to be put into black desert online for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that salami is a necessity in black desert online is that it can last in the desert and last in the ice regions that are soon to come. Salami is a favorite food of the papu’s which they can digest within their nature and offers major power to many of the players of black desert online. Although not everyone loves salami which is ludicrous, salami can offer power to players in real life, on pizza as well as in game. As this must give at least 10 Ap to players. It can be made with dead mice, cheese, salami bought from a chef and salt. Understanding the importance of salami and how it plays into black desert online is extremely important.

Why salami is useful

Salami is  used as a salted meat. It was one of the original rations aboard the italian seas vessels so it can be used for rations as well. Salami also has been statistically proven to raise and increase pearl box sales by 68888.69%. If we understand this importance of salami then we can incorporate it to feed sailors and the like in black desert online. Salami also tastes great and is used in much of the cuisine today.

How to incorporate salami and where to find it.

Salami can be found in many places in black desert online either through farming, slaughtering pigs and getting lucky for a few of them or finding them as drops from monsters. Salami can also be obtained on the rare occasion by incorporating a new fish to the game called the “Salami fish” which can be alternatively used for the soup, which can be called “Dead mouse soup.” This will be sailors favorite dish. Salami can also be obtained by cooking with multiple meats such as sheep, pigs, lions meat and deer meat. However, each meat must be at least 10 or 20 as a deciding factor.


Salami is generally sold for very inexpensive in the real world for approximately 5$ to 8$. Therefore in game salami from the chef can be sold for the equivalency of such. About 6,000 silver per piece would be what salami would be sold for if we consider the current economy of black desert online. This can be going up per grade of the salami of special cut, normal cut and rare cut. Spicy salami can be the rare cut acquired from heating it up in the sun.



National Salami Day takes place on September 7th and is celebrated in virtually every culture. It tells us about the curing of meat and is educational to black desert onlines player base. This can be incorporated very easily as an item with these possible uses. It’s an important part of the world that is severely underlooked as it is consumed every single day. There are bell peppers in black desert online, there are apples. So why not the good ol’ salami!


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