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How Customer Support React to a simple matter
Brocolix 2021-03-23 12:23
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Edit Date : 23.03.2021
I want your opinion on this simple matter that I have after a long discusion with BDO CS (CS-stands for coustomer support) and if you think this is how they should treat paying custoomers.
Below you have the conversation :) 
2021-03-08 03:33:02

I have a small problem, I've used the xp/skill exchange scroll on one of my characters (Bllondiee) to transfer it to my main character RadoBlondie.
But instead of transferring the xp/skill from Bllondiee to RadoBlondie, but it got transferred the other way RadoBlondie to Bllondiee witch I did not want.

Could you please put the xp/skill on my main RadoBlondie as it were.

PS: and please change the way you express your self in English it is so confusing - for example "Please enter the channel you are currently playing on." instead of channel put server. When you say channel, people all ways think off chat channel not the server that their character is on. And there are many discrepancies like this.

[GM]Kafu2021-03-10 00:59:15
Greetings Adventurer,

GM Kafu here.

Thank you for reaching out to the Black Desert support team regarding your Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon. It's important to us that in-game items work as intended, and our team is here to provide you with clarification whenever needed.

In this case, we can see that the Coupon indeed worked as intended and due to that, we're sorry to inform you we are not considering to offer a reversal of this exchange.

We do our best to help players make an educated decision by adding informative tooltips and pop-ups that help players understand how items work before they make a purchase. Reading through this information before using an item should help you avoid similar problems in the future.

As for the channel/server section, we will also review this and make changes if necessary, thank you for your feedback.

We hope you can understand our stance on this matter, and please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything else that we can help you with.

Kind regards,
2021-03-10 08:04:17
Hi GM Kafu,

yes is true the item worked as intended and the problem is on my part that I miss understood the meaning of the item. But my request is that you revers my blunder because if I have know at that moment that the item will swap xp/skill instead of adding the xp/skill I would never done it.
And why would I do that to my main character were all my money (real money) went in (LT, lots of costumes, storage bags, trainer's flute etc.) and also my characters life skills that are most of them at artisan, master and guru level.
In other words my two years of playing this game it goes down the drain.
I've also attach two screen shots of my main to prove what I have just said above.

So we have three ways we can solve this:
1. you wont do a thing and lose an account because I will not reinvest the time and money in a second character to take it were my main is now
2. you will do the transfer of the xp/skill your self
3. you will send me via in game mail a xp/skill exchange scroll and I'll do it my self

PS: not to brag but to make a point, I've worked in the game industry from ubisoft, gameloft to bandai namko as an artist and I know how a game works in this situations. I'm not getting in to details here, but what I've requested dose not imply an advantage or boost to my character. Just a revers to my original state of my main character, witch by the way my first ticket was submitted after 15 minutes of my blunder.

Thankyou and waiting your replay :)

[GM]Kaia2021-03-19 15:32:33

Hey again!


 My name is GM Kaia and I'm here to follow up on your request.


As previously mentioned by GM Kafu, unfortunately, this is not something our GM team can do.


Please note, that while the event item was free, in order to allow a swap between characters after the transfer, we won't be able to offer any manual sales that aren't aligned with our pearl shop update.


In cases like yours, it is indeed unfortunate that you're not happy with the outcome of this item, but as it was working as intended, we won't be able to reverse this action anymore and it is permanently bound to your account. 


We understand your frustration, but our decision in this matter will remain final and a reversal won't be possible. 


I recommend watching the upcoming pearl shop updates closely and eventually, the item will return to the shop. Furthermore, these decisions are based on our operational policy, which can be reviewed here and are not related to independent decisions within our Support Team. 



However, if there's anything else we can do for you, feel free to get back to us ^^


Stay safe on your future adventures and have a great day. :)

Kind regards,
GM Kaia
The Black Desert Support Team

Feel free to continue your adventure on our official DiscordFacebookTwitter or Forum!

2021-03-19 20:42:02
I've read your reply and Operational Policy and basically it's not that you can't undo it's that you don't want too.
I'm saying this because as you said in the Operational Policy:

- "3. Table of Recovery Support Criteria
• For cases not listed below, the general principles of recovery will determine whether or not a recovery is possible. "

So in other words one of the reasons, as you put it, is that the event item was free and I did not pay any real money and I have to wait for the item to reappear in the pearl shop and buy it with real money.
This is just low from Pearl Abyss.

The thing is the GM's have 99.9% control of the game and as I said in my previous answer this is not an advantage or boost to my account.
You should change your wording from “customer support” to “customer we don't care unless you give us more money and even then we will think about it”

I will put our conversation on forums and social media platforms to see what your community will think about your approach to this situation

[GM]Kaia2021-03-22 18:55:12
Hey again,
As previously mentioned, we aren't able to offer any manual sales for items that aren't part of our Pearl Shop at the moment. 
As you can imagine, the EXP/Skill Exchange Coupon is a rare and highly desired pearl shop item. The original purpose of them was to help you facilitate the swap to another character if you desired to do so after the game data transfer. 
As the item itself worked as intended, we are sadly not able to offer another coupon on top of that. Please keep in mind that we would need to offer this exception to the rest of our community as well and this would greatly influence the in-game balance for an item that is currently not available in the shop. 
We are not able to comply with your request and kindly ask for your understanding in this matter, as we have certain policies that we will need to follow in such cases. If we can't determine a faulty use of the item or a bug from our side that led to this situation -  we aren't able to reverse such an action at this point.
We are certainly open to feedback about this item and its intended use and will evaluate this going forward, but we aren't able to return an item that was successfully used and did the action it was intended to do. 
If you have any further questions about this or any other in-game-related element, please feel free to let us know and we will gladly review this once more for you.
Stay safe on your future adventures and have a great day. :)

Kind regards,
GM Kaia
The Black Desert Support Team

Feel free to continue your adventure on our official DiscordFacebookTwitter or Forum!
2021-03-22 20:48:35
For the love of god what I'm masking it does not impact the game play or gives me an advantage over other players in the game.
What I'm asking is for you to reverse my state to the way it was originally.
This item does not give you a boost of any kind, it just swaps the xp and skill to a lower tier character that you have when you do it from your main character.
If the function of the item were to add the xp and skill to another character then you could say it adds an advantage over other players.

And furthermore in my case the use of the item was made between two characters that are the same class (male striker) not between two different classes of characters like striker and wizard for example.

And I would understand your point if this was the case of me trying to scam to give me a boost . But in my situation this is clearly not. You can ask the dev department more specifically the designers and they will tell you this is not something that impacts the game in any way or form.

Oh, and me asking for a second scroll to do the reverse it was one of three options that I’ve stated in my previous post.But I know for sure you can do the exchange of xp\skil yourself and you don’t have to send an item via ingame mail.

All the best and hope we solve this :)

[GM]Kaia2021-03-23 17:16:16

Hey again!


As previously mentioned, we can't assist with this request.


If there's anything else you need help with, feel free to get back to us on another ticket.


Stay safe on your future adventures and have a great day. :)

Kind regards,
GM Kaia
The Black Desert Support Team

Feel free to continue your adventure on our official DiscordFacebookTwitter or Forum!

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