Feel forced to cash shop.
Saintsword 2021-03-30 11:10
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Hello Pearl abyss, i have to write this because as your demand for the comunity help suggestions, first of all we love the game at home, i im an hardcore grinder because ive already experienced this type of gameplay in many previous games i have played and its always a good feeling to watch your character bein stronger and stronger, while my wife are mostly in love with your lifeskill side of the game ( super chill, can take a break at anytime she want) is what she love doin, we playng the game for almost a year now, and ive never felt forced to Cash shop for anything, even if we did bougth lots of outfit for our in game alt, camp and pets, but we are actualy in a big trouble today ( actualy a week now ) i have always preordered Kamasylvia blessing from the central marketplace, nowaday its impossible! The numbers of preorder keep on going up, like +20/30 preorder are added every day, we are now 300 people whilling to put our hand on this precious item (eu), yes it is imo a mandatory item to have the buff on if you want to enjoy the game,  not really a grinding thing but seriously for lifeskilling its impossible to have fun witout it. 

Problem n*1 : i feel forced to buy it on cash shop now.

Problem n*2 : Why the loyalties old moon book is 15 day but not the Kamasylvia blessing ? 

   Change the 1 day kamas blessing to a 15day one, that could cost 2000/2500 loyalties, since we get 200/day  that would make us save 10+day of loyalties in order to buy it, with a limited amont of 2 per month, because rigth now i feel really forced to buy it with our money and that the worst feeling you can have in a video game.  Thanks for reading me love you all.  


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