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Npc Romance-Dating/Marriage
Hunt*** 2018-11-08 00:41
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# 1
Edit Date : 08.11.2018

I know this is for some reason a touchy subject for some but I wanted to suggest to the developers if such an addition would be possible. The world is already amazing as it is with so many things to do but something I loved from games like fable, bioware games, harvest moon, rune factory series etc. is that you get to work and build a relationship in which it makes you care more and do better for the sake of your character and you loved one. I know some will say things like: "I rather have the devs focus on more important things like...etc,etc,etc" but I am simply doing a suggestion and see if people who like romance in games think it will be a good addition for the game or not. Please explain why it would be a good or bad thing,  I would like to know your opinion. This is assuming it's possible. 

Character Name Hunt***
Main Character -
# 2
Edit Date : 08.11.2018

I'd be cool with a marriage system like Lineage 2 had, once you married your spouse you got a skill that let you teleport to them, and a few other lil benefits think there was a shared storage too. It was cool to see though because over time, people made it into in-game events to the point GM's actually showed up to some peoples weddings and stuff. So it was cool to see how throwing the community a lil thing like that grew into bigger in-game events. I know a few of the hardcore RP guilds even married each other off like the old days for alliances and stuff it was really fun! 

Character Name LordThuri***
Main Character -
# 3
Edit Date : 09.11.2018

they already have dating of npcs in a later update look into it

Character Name Jocke***
Main Character -
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The post was deleted.
FeedbackTopicNpc Romance-Dating/Marriage

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