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Community Awakening/ Succession Berserker Changes
Guiido 2021-03-31 12:10
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# 1
Edit Date : 04.04.2021
Proposed Succession Berserker Rework Changes:
Reason for Rework:
Giant is too far behind in a lot of aspects compared to other classes and does not fit it’s class description as a Melee Bruiser & Berserker that is supposed to play off his grabs and be at the frontlines or in the thick of the fray of battle. Berserker does not scale with evasion, nor does he have a shield or any kind of invincible frames. Too much time has passed with no compensation with way too many problems built up over the YEARS and I believe these changes are the only way to make Succession Berserker viable in this meta. I am sure many people who aren't familiar with this class will disagree with these proposed changes, and say that it is far too strong, but please understand this is a dream list on behalf of the zerker community and comparitively with how many other classes are right now, i'd argue against anything here being too "OP" as I have provided logical reasons to every change below the skill description to help explain my reasoning. 
This feedback has been inspired through Mobile's Giant, PC Feedback, Console Feedback, my own opinion, and feedback from the BDO Zerker community. All links to my sources with pictures, videos and inspiration will be listed at the bottom for you to read. I plan on editing this post overtime to edit in Awakening as well or other various changes.
Passives and Mechanics:
Fort of Giant:
Your physique enhances and fortifies your self like a Living Wall. HP increases as you gain Damage Reduction Stat from gear.
Reason: Originally, Fort of Giant was a unique trait. A staple of Berserker players that made them a tanky class with a lot of HP over other classes. Overtime however, this unique trait has been diminished through power creep in the game with things being implimented like Caphras Stones, HP from journals, HP in Node and Siege Wars, HP from accessories, HP from gems, etc. This once unique trait slowly became something that every other class has and he no longer had this distinctive trait about him. This of course makes no sense since in every MMO ever, the bigger character always has the most HP and sustain. In BDO, mob types that are bigger are always stronger with far more HP. This should be no different and follow the same path as every other example in this game ever. 
The best way to make it unique to Giant again was to take a stat that he accels in (Damage Reduction) and allow him to gain HP based upon how much Damage Reduction he has from his gear so it constantly scaled with the Giant's progress overtime. This does not make it Overpowered in my opinion as this was always his design but it was never expanded upon or updated. As mentioned, he has no evasion scaling what so ever, no shield, and does not have invincible frames which is fine! But a solution needed to be found in order for the Giant to be able to compete in combat without being defeated far too quickly like he is now.
Prime: Fort of Giant:
The Blood of The Beast physically strengthens the Berserker making him extremely vigorous. Damage Resistance percentage increases as HP reaches critical levels.
Reason: As stated previously, Berserker is a class that is supposed to be in the fray of battle. Quoted directly from the Succession class description:
"Born with exceptional strength and physique, he takes on enemy attacks at the frontlines, protecting his allies as both an offensive and defensive player. Show any weakness before the Berserker, and his barrage of attacks may relieve you of your will to fight."
This description simply does not match up with the actual class function of how he is operating within the game. He is not capable of sustaining damage at the frontlines, nor is he tanky enough to support allies with grapple based skills in most senarios of this game currently as an offensive or defensive player since he simply takes far too much damage for that to work. This change ensures the Giant in succession to not worry about being in the fray of combat. I wanted to change Prime: Fort of Giant because I feel both Awakening and Succession should benefit from a higher HP pool that is unique to him like it once was with the revamped Fort of Giant passive. But, Succession needed a unique trait of it's own to handle the damage of being at the frontlines and within the fray of combat.
New Passive For Succession Only:
Prime: Feral SafeGuard:
Successful grapples now grant Super Armor on your abilities during a combo. Super Armor effect will not apply once the ability has been used already in the combo or if the ability is on cooldown.
(For example, this would mean you gain Super Armor on Storming Beast, Frenzied Destroyer, Fierce Strike, but if those abilities are used again in that same combo, they are completely unprotected. You would have to grapple again a second time within a combo and the ability would have to be off cooldown for the Super Armor effect to be applied again. The ability can only be used once in a combo.)
Applies to: [Prime: Frenzied Destroyer], [Prime: Fierce Strike], [Prime: Beastly Windslash] [Prime: Storming Beast] [Prime: Ancient Wave].
Reason: No other kit in this game has a kit that is based upon grapples like Giant. With that being said, and his identity remaining as "The Grab Class" the Giant needed ways to punish people that came within his melee range. This is done through the use of grapples, but in doing so left the Giant wide open to every CC in the game since his damage based abilities do not have any protection of any kind. The solution to this problem was to not make protected damage in his kit alone, but to reward the Giant with successful grapples. He is a combo class at the end of the day and he SHOULD be rewarded for getting good grapples on enemies and shouldn't have to worry about getting crowd controled mid combo on an enemy. This left many Giant players extremely annoyed and frustrated but this now allows them to ensure their safety while comboing. This is balanced as the abilities used in his combonations can only gain protection once within the combo and cannot get protection again until another grapple is used and the ability is off cooldown. (As mentioned above.)
New Mechanic For Succession Only:
Prime: Titan Rage:
Damage taken in combat will increase your Rage. Unleashing it will yield catastrophic results upon enemies.
Q/ LB in Succession
Gain a temporary health bar and damage based upon the amount of HP you are missing. This effect is enhanced the higher the rage meter is up to a 25% temporary health bar and a 10% damage increase.
(Cooldown: 1 minute)
Reason: Many classes in this game have some kind of meter or mechanic that is specialized to that kit. Many Giant players for years have always called the Berserker to be the embodiment of rage (hence the name), and in a meta that exists now that absolutely blows melee type characters apart this was the best time to introduce this idea and impliment it. It makes so much sense since Giant is so open to damage all the time. Paired with the other updated mechanics and passives of Berserker this allows him to be within melee range and not be defeated like he is now. This was heavily inspired from Striker, Mystics Martial Shard system and Nova's Accel system. It molds perfectly to his persona and rewards Giant players in Succession to be in the fight. 
Main Skills:
-Absolute: Undertaker:
Now gains Invincible Effect while in the air.
Reason: As a class that is meant to play off his grapple abilities a common occurance would be dying mid grapple. This change ensures far more utility for larger scale fights, or where the Berserker is being focused while holding someone in his arms. Not having any invincible frames in his kit besides Shake Off, this is a perfectly balanced change comparitively to other classes and within his own right. 
-Absolute: Rock Smash:
Cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s.
Combing outside of Rock Smash has been improved.
Reason: Corpse Storm and Rooting have been removed and as compensation for losing multiple grapples the existing grapples must be lowered to make up for the loss.
-Corpse Storm
Reason: Too many grapples within his kit held him back from receiving the attention he deserves to a lot of us. Removing his 2 least desired grapples opened the pathway to more changes in his kit, while removing old and archaic ideolgies from 2016 and 2017 like grab chaining. This additionally helps free up Quick Slot/ Ring Menu burdens. 
-Prime: Beastly Windslash:
Super Armor has been applied to Flow: Windstorm after Lava Piercer into Prime: Beastly Windslash.
Attack Range increased, animation changes to match attack range and weight of ability (similar to mobile).
Damage Reduced on cooldown has changed to only reduce ability damage by 20% instead of 50%.
Reason: This ability is apart of the Giant's main damage rotation and sometimes had a hard time connecting properly to opponents as it would just skim them and not make successful contact. Another problem is the animation was far too quick out of Lava Piercer or The animation was changed to look like mobilies Beastly Windslash since it has a bigger hitbox now and attack range the animation needed to match the weight of the new revamped ability.
-Prime Fierce Strike:
Skill no longer conflicts with Shake Off Prime: Frenzied Destroyer or Prime: Beastly Windslash.
Damage Reduced on cooldown has changed to only reduce ability damage by 20% instead of 50%.
Claw Scar hitbox has been fixed.
Reason: This ability has major conflicting issues with Shake Off, Frenzied Destroyer, and Beastly Windslash. Imporvements have been made in the skill priority when buttons are pressed to ensure that this no longer happens. 
-Prime: Frenzied Destroyer:
Damage Reduced on cooldown has changed to only reduce abiltity damage by 20% instead of 50%.
Split Damage has been removed.
Reason: Frenzied Destroyer is the bread and butter of Berserker. It is the most used ability in Berserker combos. Similar to Fierce Strike and Beastly WindSlash, The penality when using this off cooldown has been significantly lowered and Frenzied Destroyer was also insanely crippled by split damage in team fight scenarios or larger scaled battles, this has been removed.
-Prime: Predatory Hunt:
Attack Range of Ability has been increased.
While airborne, invincible effect has been added. This removes the hitstun problem and hopefully nullifies how vacuum’s negatively affect this ability.
Cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s.
Reason: Out of Final Strike, the Attack Range of this ability was medicore especially for the cooldown length. Slightly increasing the AoE size while reducing the cooldown makes this ability far more effective at securing the area around you when jumping into combat. Adding an invincibility window whike airborne removes the hitstun problem and hopefully nullifies how vacuum’s negatively affect this ability.
-Prime: Raging Thunder:
Improvements have been made so that you can immediately use [Prime: Beastly Wind Slash], [Prime: Frenzied Destroyer] [Lava Piercer], [Prime: Lava Piercer] and [Prime: Fearsome Tyrant] smoothly after [Prime: Raging Thunder].
Improvements have been made so that [Prime Raging Thunder] can now be canceled immediately.
Flow: Storm Step has been added.
Raging Thunder’s Attack Range will increase up to 10% while the skill is in use. Additionally, successful hits grant a 10% Movement Speed buff. (Stacks with [Prime: Beastly Windslash].
Side Raging Thunder now has Super Armor.
Reason: Recently adding Super Armor to Raging Thunder was one of the best improvements to Giant ever. It finally gave him the duality of protection he needed to engage and do damage to people without getting Crowed Controlled mid combat in PvP and PvE. However, many Giant players were extremely dissapointed when they swiftly patched and removed the Super Armor effect on Side Raging Thunder despite seeing the crazy amount of protected CC's other classes have comparitively. This returned to this ability to CC people outside of a grapple and stay protected safely within melee range. Additionally, Raging Thunder was not instantly cancelling and would do a slow motion effect at the end of the ability. That has been completely removed, and the end of the Raging Thunder animation can now link and chain into other abilities far more smoothly. Adding Flow: Storm Step was an extremly nice change as it now offers flows to the Giant that aren't grapple related. It expanded into other abilities which Succession Berserker very much needed. Lastly, Successfully hitting targets with Raging Thunder was sometimes frustrating as you moved extremely slow while spinning. This now allows you to close that gap quicker so opponents can no longer easily walk out of the ability. 

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 04.04.2021

-Prime: Fearsome Tyrant:Super Armor effect has been added throughout entire skill. Final Strike unchanged.Accuracy Rating of [Prime: Fearsome Tyrant] has changed from -1% to +5%.




-Black Spirit: Prime: Fearsome Tyrant:Improvements have been made so that while transforming at the start of the skill invincible effect has been added.


Additionally while skill is in use you are immune to Attack Speed Debuffs.-Absolute: Beast Roar:Skill name changed to “Unleashed Beast”.Skill has been reworked so the heal will no longer be applied but will now instead cleanse all negative buffs from you once every 45 seconds. Animation has been updated to match new skill. (Shadow Arena: Gerald Shultz)-






Absolute: Wrath of Beast:Skill has been reworked. Skill has changed as follows.Hit Damage 634% x 10Smash Attack Hit Damage 1663% x 7Critical Hit Rate +50%Accuracy Rate: +5%Maximum 10 TargetsRecovers +20 of WP per every hitAttack Speed +10% upon using skillWhile Transformed, HP recovery of 1500 every 1 sec.Super ArmorStiffness on hitsKnockdown on good Smash AttacksReason: Having multiple heals removed his kit (Beast Roar, Ire of Beast) as well with the ability being easily exploitable for how slow the animation of it is, the burden of dealing with people literally walking behind the slow heal and Crowed Controling you is no longer a thing. It was changed to a Super Armor





-Absolute: Ire of Beast: Removed.


-Prime: Beast Form:


HP recovery has been changed from 1500 to 3000.HP recovered by +500 every 5 sec. for 30sec.





-Prime: Ancient Wave:Damage increased by 20%.


Reason: Awakening Ancient wave when flowing into abilities does the maximum amount of damage regardless of charge. Where as the Succession varient does more damage when charged. Succession Ancient Wave also has far more range and less damage in most cases since it is based upon a set amount of distance. to  To comepensate for that, the damage of the ability has increased. 






-Prime: Devastation:


Skill has changed as follows.


Damage increased by 40%.


Critical Hitrate +100% (PvE only)


Critical Hitrate +20% (Only in PvP)


Reason: Devasation in Awakening does more damage than Succession for pretty much no reason, despite them having the same stat values. This is most likely due to not making the Prime version match the Awakening version when the edits to Berserker were going on in the past. What tests have found is a 258 Trial Awakening Berserker does more damage than my Main Succession Berserker at 285 when using the skill Devastation. This of course is the reason for why it has changed. It simply was not doing enough damage for both PvE and PvP. The PvE values also differed, the Awaekning varient was favored where as the Succession crit rate was left out. This has been corrected. 



Secondary Skills:




Super Armor effect added automatically after [Lava Piercer] and [Prime: Lava Piercer].


Reason: Since Lava Piercer and Prime: Lava Piercer received a rework, this ability has been made a Super Armor alone due the skill description and entire skill changing on Lava Piercer. Lastly, this ability has been made a Super Armor alone since Berserker is one of the only classes to use it in movement, in of, and out of abilities.





-Ultimate Evasion:Forward Guard applied only in certain situations.Forward Guard after Storming Beast Knee Kick and Fierce Strike Smash.




-Weakling Hunt:





Reason: Outdated, and no longer needed ever.




-Falling Rock:




Reason: It's a fundemental disastser of an ability that provides no factor or use in any scenario but to fool around.




-Prime: Tackling Rock:


Cooldown no longer constantly resets after each use. It will now have a hard cooldown like every other ability.


Can now Dash twice after before going on cooldown. 


Knockdown on fully charged hits.


Follows camera movement.


Cooldown increased from 4.5 seconds to 7 seconds. 


Reason: This ability has gotten a complete rework. The cooldown of the ability has been increased for 2 reasons. 1. So the ability can finally have a hard cooldown instead of constantly resetting per use. And 2. Giant's main protected movement rotation has been fixed with improvements to other abilities. When Tackling Rock is ready to be used and is off cooldown, it will have 2 charges both of which will Apply a Forward Gaurd. When it is on cooldown, the ability can still be used for mobility but will not have protection on it until it is completely off cooldown. The hitbox for this ability has also always been extremely tight, therefore it did not feel rewarding to hit targets successfully with it and Knock them back. It has been changed to a Knock down, but only on fully charged hits. Lastly, a massive bug that existed with this ability is sometimes Tackling Rock in Succession would not properly follow your camera and would choose to go to the left or right of the screen despite you aiming it properly in the middle or where ever you were aiming. It has now been improved to constantly follow where ever your camera is aiming.




-Absolute: Headbutt:


Forward Guard applied when using skill. However, Forward Guard will not be applied on Powerful Headbutt.


Reason: When it comes to succession movement, most notably movement that is protected, the only thing that might come to mind is Stroming Beast Knee Kick Forward Guard. Headbutt and Ultimate Evasion are completely unprotected leaving the Giant Opened to Damage and Crowed Control in nearly every movement. Similarly to storming beast, FG has been added to Headbutt so the massive gap no longer exists at the beginning of your movement rotation. No cooldown exists since the ability has very low damage and normal Headbutt has no CC. Please note however though, Powerful Headbutt DOES NOT have Forward Gaurd. 




-Shake Off: Damage completely removed.


Collision removed.


Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds.


Reason: For years, Shake Off was changed to a Super Armor, the entire Giant community made a big deal about this and eventually, in 2020, it was reverted back to a invincible Frame. This was an amazing change. However, the issue is that the cooldown of the ability does not match the same time as other classes. Therefore, the cooldown was reduced by 1 second to match other classes invincible timers. Additionally, the collision and damage on Shake Off has been removed since it caused a lot of issues when using it for protection in areas filled with NPC's or players. This is something that pretty much every other class in the game has that Giant never had so the playing field has now been made even for this ability. Their was no point for an Invincible frame to have damage. It was old, outdated and needed some fine tuning. 




-Prime: Lava Piercer:


Description Updated:

Explode with great power granting immense speed.


Lava Piercer and Prime: Lava Piercer are now enhanced. 


Prime :Lava Piercer now matches the same distance as Lava Piercer 3.


Lava Piercer and Prime: Lava Piercer no longer has collision on them and can now go through enemies as well as friendly players to ensure the Berserker has reliable mobility while moving through enemy players and mob packs.


-Flow: Horror Imprint has been added onto Lava Piercer and Prime: Lava Piercer only in Succession.


Erupt into the air and quake the earth beneath you with massive force. Holding Lava Piercer input while in Lava Piercer will trigger Flow: Horror Imprint.


Damage: 1300%x2, Max 2 Hits

Accuracy Rate: 6%

Invincible while airborne

Super Armor on landing Attack

Bound on successful landing attack.


Reason: For a long time, Lava Piercer acted as the only sprint/ SA dash for Giant. It worked very well but was never really updated for many years. This left many flaws such as collision interupting Giant while closing gaps or fighting in target rich enviorments in both PvP and PvE. Collision has been removed similarly to BDO mobile where lava pericer acts a SA damage gap closer. Not only that, but the distance on Prime: Lava Piercer has been matched to Lava Piercer III since the cooldown was increased by 3 seconds a while back. Lastly, Flow: Horror Imprint has been added giving Succession Berserker a lot more versitility, and engagement option. This was completely inspired by Mobile Titan.





Character Name Guiido
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 11.05.2021
Proposed Awakening Berserker Rework Changes:
Reason for Rework:

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
# 4
Edit Date : 18.05.2021

I've been thinking about Prime:Beast form having slow immunity. It would allow the frontline succ zerker a chance of majorly disrupting groups of casters, better yet a group of zerkers doing it. Would be great in Node/Siege war.

Anyway, great proposals.

Character Name Tired
Main Character
# 5
Edit Date : 19.05.2021

Right now the problem isn't the zerk it's the "one shot" ranger damage that nullifies melee to some extent.  The zerk doesn't need to be changed the op range classes need to be nerfed.

Character Name Luxcia
Main Character
# 6
Edit Date : 10.06.2021
On: 2021-05-19 09:46, by Luxcia

Right now the problem isn't the zerk it's the "one shot" ranger damage that nullifies melee to some extent.  The zerk doesn't need to be changed the op range classes need to be nerfed.


The problem in this game is Magic damage. Problem is nearly every class in this game is magic and has gotten insane power creep in the past 2 years. Certain classes have been left out of this loop of direct changes. (Maewha, Zerk, Ranger, Tamer, Valk). The idea is to bring these classes up to those levels. As evident by the development team, and stated already publicly, they have NO PLANS to nerf anything to ruins anymore. Sage will forever be strong just like Witch and Wizard will be forever strong. So this is the only solution. To be brought up to those levels. Nobody is asking for it to be a 1:1 scale of Witch/ Wiz or Sage but you are indeed wrong in the sense that their aren't problems with Zerker. Ive piece by piece single handedly broke down all of the pre awakening problems and succession problems of the class. This of course left out the elephent in the room with other classes. 

TLDR: Even with what you are saying and lets make believe in a fantasy world that witch, wizard and sage get brought down to balanced levels like a good amount of classes, it still does not fix the issues with the base classes (like zerk) in this game.

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
# 7
Edit Date : 10.06.2021
On: 2021-05-18 00:54, by Tired

I've been thinking about Prime:Beast form having slow immunity. It would allow the frontline succ zerker a chance of majorly disrupting groups of casters, better yet a group of zerkers doing it. Would be great in Node/Siege war.

Anyway, great proposals.


Yeah I don't expect like 90% of these things to go through, but I made this a while back to raise awareness, thanks for the comment.

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
# 8
Edit Date : 07.11.2021

I will no longer be commenting on this post, aspects of this will be sent to the offical feedback for the rework.

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
This was deleted by the writer.
FeedbackTopicCommunity Awakening/ Succession Berserker Changes

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