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Looking for EU guild PvE/Lifeskill
UBTHEJUDGE 2021-04-04 07:18
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Edit Date : 04.04.2021

49y Man looking for casual guild to chill with, played since launch on Xbox and just rerolled 15 classes to shai to start life skills, albeit, have Master 6 trade, artisan Cooking, Processing and gathering on my 7 PvE alts.


Always on daily, but I do play Destiny 2, Apex and Overwatch, the only days I’m not on BDO is when youngest daughters want to game with me.


XBL GT: JJIBIIIS; send me a message over on Xbox with current server and I’ll pop over for invite, please note that your guild must be established with gathering buffs and PvE buffs as I’m tired of jumping guilds due to guild masters leaving, none players or players looking for pastures new resulting in folding guilds, so I would rather be invited to a guild that’s not going anywhere so I can settle and enjoy the game!


kind regards,





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FeedbackTopicLooking for EU guild PvE/Lifeskill

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