An ode to zerker
Tired 2021-04-12 00:42
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Edit Date : 12.04.2021

Well I installed bdo

One fine sunny day

Saw the class berserker

Said hip hip hip hooray

Grabbed my mighty axes

Stepped onto the battlefield

Got deleted in two skillsssss

And from there my fate was sealed


O hummm-O hummm


Years of misery at the hands

Of casters and melee too

All seemed to have protections

Up the damned wazooo

Damage 3 times that of me

20 ap lower than my zerk

Iframes aplenty to counter my grabsssss

And they put in half the work


O hummm-O hummm


Casters the worst offenders

Smirking as they wipe out half a team

Emergency escape every rare grab

That's just pretty mean

They have no idea how hard it is

To be a succ zerk in this crazy game

Desyncs, fps drops,  invisible aoesssss

Well enjoy your ez mode main


O hummm-O hummm


PA really hate us so

Nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf

Guardian got the strength we should have

Sage 10 minute iframed and nuked our turf

Hasashin stuck daggers in our necks

Strokers think saying ook is the height of wit

PA if you don't buff usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss




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Edit Date : 16.04.2021

Thanks PA, now geared sages are as big a problem as wizards.

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