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Character tagging BIG problem
Tired 2021-04-19 20:49
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Edit Date : 19.04.2021

Something I was unaware of was that by Character tagging, BOTH characters can not trade. My main, which is my trader and fisher and gatherer, who I spent 1+billion silver on to copy gear over, can not do imperial delivery, trade in fish, trade crates, nothing. Shirna in the cm stream mentioned how great it'd be to have lifeskillers tagged so you can use double the energy in the same area, can not even trade in the trade items you pick up from gathering drops!

Come on guys, you're obviously hoping some people will have to buy pearls to get lifeskill transfer coupons rather than waste a billion silver by untagging, and I can't really untag because that character is the only one i have gear on and thus can copy to my alt.

Lift that stupid restriction, that's the suggestion.

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