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State of the game - focusing tech side of things.
Haishu 2021-05-28 11:22
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Edit Date : 28.05.2021

Just to say this upfront: In my opinion, BDO is not a game that is enjoyable on console due to the following reasons:

- Crashes are "normal".

- Visuals seem "dirty" and "rough" with obscene amounts of pop-in.

- latency related "server-lags / freezes" that hamper gameplay

- invisible player walling (mainly a announce when fighting world bosses)


Now with this out of the way, we can conclude something else rather easily: next gen usage is bad. 

If you ask me why I think this is the way it is, let me iterate: To make the game the best and most competetive possible, we should only have one performance level. However, we have 3. Three. 30fps, 60fps, 120fps. That makes for disadvantaged players, advantaged players and highly advantaged players. Now with next gen, they did not fix crashing. They did not fix temporary freezes. They did not fix overall bad visuals. They just increased the frame cap to run the game more smoothly. That is not bad by any means! However, if you want to see the whole console community and wonder what the vast majority would enjoy the most, I guess it would be the following: 


Stable gaming on base consoles (fixed 30fps) without crashes. This is freakin' important!

Stable gaming on next gen consoles with improved visual fidelity that is locked at a max of 60fps with ressources spend on more clarity (improved resolution and draw distance by perfect solid 60 instead of 120fps). 


The playing field would be more even. People needn't worry about their console health once those regular crashes stop. And, especially with native next gen versions, the game might look pretty enough so that console players could start streaming and creating content without having to be embarrased by how ugly the video output seems at the current quality and resolution settings. 


But where is all this base stuff? Where are performance updates, fixes in regards to constant crashes, where is the next gen version? I mean it is nice that content keeps flowing in. But, very sadly albeit a ongoing sinister reality: it doesn't fix what is wrong with the game and at least gives me and my friends a very hard time sticking to the game.

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FeedbackTopicState of the game - focusing tech side of things.

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