Can't get past start screen
Noblematt 2021-05-31 20:37
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Edit Date : 31.05.2021


I just downloaded Black Desert on my Series X and am looking forward to playing it, but I can't get passed the start screen. 


When I start it up it shows the opening screen and says press A. I do. It asks me to sign in to XBL, I do. Then it says now processing and gives me the options to start, quit or switch account. I press start. It says now processing. Then it asks me to adjust the the UI size and HDR settings. I do. Then it asks me to agree to terms of service. I do. Then it takes me back to the screen with start, quit and switch account. I press start and it then proceeds to start this process all over from the screen telling me to press A. 


I've quit the game and restarted it. I've restarted and hard reset my Xbox and am still not able to get in. Any ideas on how to fix this and get into the game? 


Thanks for any help!


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