Connection issues and bad Gm's
Rjkgnk 2021-06-26 16:18
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Edit Date : 26.06.2021

I'm from Eve online, and today i literally can not stay connected for more then a minute or so. Gms seem to just blow me off. I have had issues since joining the game almost a month ago now, that have gone 100% ignored, I'm  missing new player bonuses im told by older players im supposed to have that i dont, I attempted to contact a gm 7 times and have been ignored. Today  it's self i put it 3 petitions 2 ignored 1 blown off and moved to bug report instead of its real category "technical issues". Is the lame Gm's always so piss poor in thier quality here? I know for a fact ccp will respond and work with me within a 2 hour time frame. (  for anyone who doesnt know, is a developer of EVE, a game thats been running since 2003)

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