Translation and update plataform playstation!
Carlos 2021-06-27 02:39
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Edit Date : 27.06.2021
hello, i would like to know when they will translate the game into brazilian portuguese for the PlayStation platform, as it is in total lack of respect for brazilian players and users of the PlayStation platform, since on the pc the game is fully subtitled in Portuguese, This is a negligence considering that many other players spend real money on the game buying cosmetics and items for our characters!
PS: and also where is a decent update for the new generation PlayStation 5 consoles and the new xbox, the elder scrolls game just updated for these new consoles, but the black desert nothing?!

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a shame that the Playstation community is not being respected, while Xbox players are treated like royalty.

No 120fps, no Portuguese language, all wrong

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I bought the game in the promotion which is now active on PSN only because I saw the game in portuguese pt-br on PC and mobile phone and thought it was also translated on PS4/5 but it isn't!


Complete lack of respect and consideration for PS4/5 players. We no longer have South America servers and they still don't release the game's translation!

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