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Coren 2021-07-07 21:23
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Edit Date : 07.07.2021
Hi all

I can't start the One Step Closer quest, because a message tells me that the quest is restricted. I have done the quest 3 times before, and I have the quest item in inventory..[Event] Breath of Krogdalo
And still, I can't select it.

Has the time of the One Step Closer mission been extended?
Or simply, has the time to change the items just been extended?
Ty all

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Edit Date : 07.07.2021

i came here looking for the same answers.  The extension is confusing.  The post on 6/7 says it was extended but the details say it will be extended to 6/7.  I think they TURN in to get the feather is what they are talking about but not sure.  I can still see the quest but get the same error when trying to accept.


The question is, can the quest be accepted until the 20th like the turn in for the feather or is the quest period over?

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