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Shai Talent Quest Bugged?
Janos2001 2021-08-17 10:31
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Edit Date : 17.08.2021

Just a question, but has anyone else gotten to the part of the Shai Talent Quest: The Last Serendae, that has you play a piece from Pavino The Storage guy to Phyria the General Goods Vendor, only to not continue after you play the piece? As in, I can get the piece, click on it, it does the little bit and then I am supposed to wait for her reply.... except she never replies, nor does she have anything to say when I go into the interface menu with her, or even if I just greet her. The Quest literally just will not progess past this point for me, and I have gone back and gotten the piece from him 7 times already and tried again each time, with the Same results. Any help anyone might have will be very appreciated, thank you.

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FeedbackTopicShai Talent Quest Bugged?

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