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Remove pay to progress entirely!
UBTHEJUDGE 2021-09-08 12:44
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Edit Date : 08.09.2021

The game has several different editions including a hard disc edition culminating into hundreds of GBP!


Remove all progression bought items in the game and make outfits for vanity and not a currency for upgrading items in game!


Take a good look at the RNG system and put failsafe in place whereby eventually a fs guarantees an enhancement I.e a 250fs gets a PEN!


The whole system in regards to pay for progression has a fundamentally caused imbalance on top of a ludicrously hard and blatant gambling mechanic as with the progression from gear to horse breeding and it’s rediculous!


Im now wondering how many players that have left the game and if questioned would simply avoid future IP by PA just for their experience in BDO!


Now after three years and thousands spent i for one won’t buy another IP that has micro transactions from PA as I know full well getting to end game would cost me a down payment, car, motorbike or a five star month in the Bahamas!


All I have from spending that money is 550gs and failure that outweighs any and all fond memories and friends that have come and gone in their hundreds!


I know some of you reading this will have derogatory remarks but you either have more money than sense, not old enough to be gambling or lack empathy towards other players failure with friends that you make and they leave and you move on in your own little world, the rest of us that can relate to the problems with this game have morals!


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FeedbackTopicRemove pay to progress entirely!

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