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PC port or console build?
UBTHEJUDGE 2021-11-14 13:28
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Edit Date : 14.11.2021



Does anyone know if this game has been ported or if the game has been built for console from the ground up!

Recently received items in a loot pool that supposedly don’t exist on console and the information found in regards to the items only exist on PC for an event back in 2020?

I have two question for those that knowanything about programming:


1. How would it be possible to receive items on Xbox that only exist on PC back in 2020

2. If there are loot items that exist due to ashoddy port, then would this not directlyeffect the rng of players on console and as an example; if there are more items in the loot pool that we are rolling but not getting them due to a negative roll, then that would mean players that roll these items are hard done by due to the item rolled not being available and resulting in a dead roll! Should this be happening?


Its been weeks now and still no answer from them and getting the idea they just want me to forget about as that was the first reply received in regards to this happening!

Character Name UBTHEJUDGE
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 15.11.2021

Secret quest!


Why not just reply to my query...


Shush! It’s a secret!

Character Name UBTHEJUDGE
Main Character
FeedbackTopicPC port or console build?

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Yes, I agree.