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Ocean Content
Ebenruth 2022-11-13 07:37
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# 1
Edit Date : 13.11.2022

Hello guys I currently play on console Xbox. I was thinking about an idea to breathe some life into ocean/sea content. Though Vell isn't available yet via console at the moment. The new Carrack skins are absolutely stunning. I'm trying to get at least two from the pearl shop myself. There currently isn't anything higher to grind for after getting +10 blue gear and the Nol. Something that would be super cool for pc and console, would be an ability to grind out a ship overlay. Similar to the Nouver costume from bloodstorm Nouver. Gathering very rare pieces to create a ship overlay would be absolutely incredible. My idea was gathering pieces of a telescope to identify the star of the sea. The star would illuminate a path to a sunken ship with a treasure chest held by a dead pirate. Interaction with the chest would give you knowledge of the star of the sea. Beware he who bares the star of the sea shall be forever cursed of the sea. The skin could be of the cursed ship. Using bats from the sorcerers ultimate and a smoke effect would be easily rendered like the butterflies from the balance ship. I was thinking the skin could grant the ability to have 2 additional cabin slots and since the crew is cursed as skeletons the sailors would be weightless. An additional 1 second reduction of cannon time. Or the ability to do a double shot with a long cooldown. If possible the ability to sink and re-emurge. I think it would be a very cool addition that might make a lot more people want to do ocean and ship content for many years to come. 

Character Name Ebenruth
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 23.11.2022

 I was looking up components to a telescope and generally it's 4 pieces. 1. Eye piece 2. Refraction tube 3. Tripod 4. Lens / Another idea I had was that each one of these pieces can be found in different ways. Underwater gathering maybe Vell, Kahn, blue whale hunting. Each piece could have a special effect allowing 1 to be equal to 25 sailing mastery. All 4  telescope parts would be an additional 100 sailing mastery. Then after you collect the 4 parts you could see patrigio at crows nest and get a special telescope furniture piece for inside the cabin of your carrack.

Character Name Ebenruth
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 23.11.2022

One more thing and I apologize for writing a novel lol. I thought it would be easy to put any one of the pieces where the riding crop goes. Each piece you accumulated you could use manufacture to combine items. Then under set effect it would list the additional mastery 1 of 4 parts. 2 pieces could grant 10% sailing experience all 4 pieces 20% sailing experience.

Character Name Ebenruth
Main Character
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