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Bigger caphra or Ancient spirit dust bundles
Angryman 2023-01-27 16:27
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Edit Date : 27.01.2023

I just feel like during events eventhough yes crons can be nice but without having a "160-200"+ fail stack fir certain things crons will be something that you save for other items or just pen attempts that may or may not go anywhere but for caphras if they're going to be a "dry spell" of them on CM and grinding per hour amount is tedious for better caphra levels then why can't they just us something actually useful or better advice of Valk at the end of the season instead of 100 stack. Like older players are struggling to get to certain levels of gs where some of these newer players are just hand things to them on a silver plater. It's ridiculous. Like have better login rewards where at the end of the month if you played every day they give you something  Guaranteed where you can choose between a few different reward options that isn't a random box chance like 500 caphras, silver and etc that changes every month but the caphra reward always is a constant available option. From the other 2 options 

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FeedbackTopicBigger caphra or Ancient spirit dust bundles

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