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Please PA do Something !
Athenalya 2023-02-01 16:25
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# 1
Edit Date : 01.02.2023

Dear Pearl Abyss


It's time to wake up please, the console gamer community is losing players day after day, some of them have been playing the game since day one and now they gone.


We want everything  pc has: Arena of Solare, rbf of Valencia for example (add pvp content it becomes urgent, it would allow very high gear players to have something else to do than bang on the head of new players at centaurs or elsewhere).

The same events the same content as pc the Next Gen Consoles have been out for more than 2 years it is up to the players to renew their equipment not to those who did it to suffer from the lack of content because of the old Gen who could not follow.


Fix what needs fixing: The bloody altar for example has been disabled for over a year and is needed for the caphras journal, what are you waiting for?


Pc has better coupon code content and coupons more often than console players, why not the same for everyone?


A real balancing of the classes is necessary not only to break the legs of the stronger classes but rather to raise the less strong classes to the level of those called OP.


The new Node War system is good but the caps are not adapted to certain classes like the Shaï dp for example which no longer has any interest because of the limitation.


Dear players if I forgot something now is the time!

Character Name Athenalya
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 25.02.2023

Sadly these forums are rarely used by players since they arent taken seriously by anyone in the company. Everything you said is facts. We would of never been in this situation if console was built up with console in mind in the first place instead of this PC copy and paste and wait simulator. 

Character Name Guiido
Main Character
This was deleted by the writer.
# 4
Edit Date : 18.03.2023

the character i had in january is now gone??? i had to make a new one?? what a joke of a game. while i did plan on making a new one cos i forgot how to play, i shouldn't be ripped out of my old character like what the fuck


Character Name Sleepie
Main Character
FeedbackTopicPlease PA do Something !

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