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Black Dessert Warrior Guide for Xbox

By: WarPoet

I play on Serendia 1 with the guild Regality. Get some!

I see there is not much information on here about warrior and youtube is a rabbit hole of opinion.
I will not waste you time with overexplaination every skill description ( it is in the game) or data. 
I hope this is useful. 


Breaking into sections currently and organizing the guide will cover pve, pvp, leveling gear , gear progression.


First Character Leveling:

Use quest tracker to stay on quest
Lt+down on d-pad opens press RB to get to main quest then tap A quest tap A on top of that quest
then exit and press left stick in then LT to auto path. running yourself is faster though. Do side quests yellow icon at node and get knowledge.
Follow chain till all main quests are done you will be in the 50-52 ish after you are done with some nice quest gear ( shield, armor etc).




Knight rations,perfect human hunt elixir humans. gives ap
Buy your WillPower potions(yellow) x100i ring slot to LT down on d-pad, and HP potions(red)x200. I ring slot to down on d-pad.


At level 50 go to skill instructor press RB until you get to skill addon and get shield charge PVP attack+10 monster AP+20. (can swap either for +15 defense)
also get spin slash burn dmg( damage) +wp and ground slam poison damage +WP or whatever else you fancy like attack speed or accuracy is useful. Buffs do not stack btw.(by the way)
Team work, positioning, map/situational awareness (track cooldown of others, focus the wizards) and attitude how you treat others are the best skills to learn. You can alway beat someone if you have more friends! If you cant then swap server for 15 minutes and travel somewhere else, or use black spirit escape, nobody uses it for some reason.Help your guild with events and subjugation. your leader can give you nice buffs like +2 gather.

Black spirit rage will be consumed by ultimate spin slash automatically at 100% and it will pretty much one shot everything, but you can also use a 1 min buff black spirit rage absorption. Situation depends.

You do not need your all animation cancels  they cost to many skill points in beginning they are a LUXURY! Get your passive buffs maxed. Then get your animation cancels

Get these : 
Ultimate spin slash, whirlwind jump all the good stuff
Ultimate ground smash
Scars of dusk- give block ring slot to left on d-pad for me
Ground roar 
Double shield 
Ultimate Forward slash
Ultimate Chopping kick
Charge THRUST- gives block when leveled
shield strike 2

Takedown- apprehend and instant

Upper shield strike

Ultimate Deep Thrust (precise)
Pierce spear- gap closer. I don,t use it that much to be honest rather use my Ultimate spin slash.
Guard pressure 2- is nice remember you cannot block if you strafe but you can walk backwards and turn. Also you get WP for blocking hits.
Upper shield strike
Double dash
Jump thrust if you want it consumes WP so I do not like it as i can get more spin slash.
counter strike is only for whirlwind strike to extend our CC(crowd control) for spin slash spam.

Lock these so they do not mess you up with LT+A on main skill menu:



Charge slash

Ground slash


Open with ground roar then cancel with forward slash then ground roar if you really need to get them closer. depending on gear you can skip some of this combo and also you can skip shield charge if you have the +20 ap to monster on ground roar i personally prefer +10pvp power on shield charge  though 
You can  ground roar ( -10 melee dp) then war cry (has frontal block and -20 all dp  stacks with ground roar)shield charge for buff (+20 AP to monster from skill add on) then quick heavy strike to spin them and apply bleed (monsters only gives them a sec to gather)  then ground smash knock down for super armor , scars of dusk ,and then spin slash-chop kick cancel-spin slash- spam you can counter strike then whirlwind strike after to look cool. 
If you have 100% rage just ultimate spin slash they will all die.

PVP: karma -100k for mount kill 10k for attacking 50k for killing you only gain 5 karma per monster kill if you are red go to kusha near the sausans and you can farm orcs or catfish to for easy karma.

Hide behind your shield land a deep thrust or pierce spear (I save rage for ultimate spin slash) then shield charge- they have stiffness now earthquake or chop kick or grab. when they get back up time upper shield strike or counter strike to knock them down again keep chugging WP potions to spin slash them. Do not let them get up if you are interrupted use scars of dusk, charge thrust, shield charge they have blocks built into them if not then just block and forward slash,never turn your back on the enemy you are a WARRIOR! You can shield charge backwards if you change camera behind you.



Press start go to 3rd row 2nd column ring menu setting.

press RB for skill tab select scars of dusk and left on right stick to add it .make sure it is the only skill on that ring slot so you can just press left on d-pad to use it instantly. Take note animation cancels do not work with the ringslot sorry.

press RT to change to right on d-pad and set this as war cry -20 ALL dp and a block built in  is amazing and should always be applied it stacks with ground roar -10 MELEE dp.

lt+ right is pierce spear

lt+up I have toggle pvp found in the menu tab as top right and bottom left is flare (item)

lt+left is up shield strike

up is carrot for top left toggle chat left bottom left elixir of fury down is quest bottom right is knight combat ration right inventory top right is black spirit up is world map

down is hp potion

lt+down is WP potion this is personal preference do it if you want.


Stay mobile get good with animation cancels(orange glow)
You have ground smash if they get behind you alot
Protect your wizard we have amazing peels and you can just dash in front and block for them.
Remember someone is always better than you and you can always make others better so pass the knowledge.

Check out blade boques,That One Game,and Haruki on youtube. Thank you all for reading!

Feel free to add or ask!

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How to gear up!

Get 4 large fence farms for 40 contribution points at heide material vendor (located by world map then down on d-pad and use rt to select autopath.

Plant  fence(in combat zone)  and special carrot seed with hold lt+Y   from central market x40 (I suggest veilia to buy reblast armor for failstack and afk fish it is also middle of map and close to where new characters spawn ) Grab some worker elixirs for +2 gather for 5 mins. this gives your hard and sharp stones.

Do abyssal weapon quest.

Open box with new character by putting  box it in velia storage.

Create new character get gear out of veilia

Make new characters ( make sure you have quest rewards available for the class by going to profile rb to challenge tab RT to event tab if it is blank you need to choose something else currently musa dk lahn and striker are the only ones that have rewards for leveling) do all main quest until lv 55 I do not suggest using a horse to quest. Do not autopath just run straight there check world map for rivers and caves and mountains  first though.

On your way create your node network by investing in flax, lumber, and mines. check your farm and breed plants do not use fertilizer you do not want ti to grow fast.

Keep an eye out for knowledge, do not afk travel. check your farm regularly

Collect rewards at 55. there is also a quest that gives you 70 hunter seals  if you know more info about it please comment.

Go to skill instructor big troll in altinova that translates the sirare prophecy with the abyssal weapon and process the stone with abyssal weapon for a new box and turn that into veilia storage for your next character to open.

You now have more knowledge of a different class, contribution, energy and everything needed to gear up. also you get mile stone rewards for 220 contribution and energy so yeah. takes like 8 hours for normal humans with a home life and worth it

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GEAR: Get the 2 crystal slot if you need accuracy just use crystals. Save your daily bheg scrolls all week and do it with a group that saved thiers as well. Have a dedicated team. 

Goals: Asula accessories then replace by grinding for weeks for witch ear, mark of shadow, ogre ring and shultz belt all duo.

Get +5 attack speed using magic crystals or buff
Get +5 crit using crystals or buff
Get +5 Luck using knowledge and underwear and crystals
Get +5 Movement speed with Crystals costume and buff

2 grunil 2 heave = set bonus +5 ap and +250 hp

Strength shoes of Heave=cheaper than grunil

Strength gloves of Heave can swap for grunil 

Grunil helm +13 from mediah quest (must be lv 51 to start)
Dim magical Armor from main quest line replaced by Grunil armor pri= cheaper than heave
Dim magical sub weapon from calpheon quest replaced by vangertz shield pri
Abyssal weapon(m
ust be lv 55 replaced by liverto +15)
Grunil armor= cheaper than heave

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Nice guide, I was unaware of locking skills. Locking the recommended abilities really helped tons with fluidity of gameplay. THANKS! 

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Thank you for reading! Please check back weekly  and share it as I try to keep this updated as content rolls out.


Character Name Warp***
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