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Best armor for DK
ime*** 2019-04-03 22:26
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I use grunil is there a newer armor thats better? 


Character Name ime***
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# 2

Grunil or heve is best right now. 


Character Name Mikeo***
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# 3

How/where does one get this armoud & at what level?


Character Name Calamity Bl***
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# 4

who cares youre gonna get two hit anyways


Character Name j***
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# 5

Best weapon for lev 56?


Character Name PigzMight***
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# 6

Go boss weapons as soon as you can


Character Name Crys***
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# 7
On: 2020-06-29 17:54, by PigzMight***

Best weapon for lev 56?

Rosar Kriegsmesser at +15 or high or higher till you can get Kzarka. And Saiyer Ornamental Knot at +15 or higher till you can save be for a Kutum. Also, just use the green Awakening weapon instead of the blue till you get a Dandelion. The green is a lot cheaper to enhance. And make sure you use Ultimate Reform Stones on all non boss gear. The extra AP and DP will help. 


Character Name Satanas
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