Guild Recruitment
<Feared>[NA] PvX 475+gs 59+ lvl 18+ No Drama
Dispat*** 2019-07-30 08:28
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-NA Guild
-Node Wars
-Chill Atmosphere
-4 Nodes Currently

(What We Offer)

-Daily Node Wars
-Max Guild Missions
-Max Guild Buffs
-Max Daily Pay
-Constant Party Chat
-Group Scroll Runs
-Weekly Bonus Payout 

[What We Require]

-Lvl 59+
-475 Gear Score(209 AP Bracket)
-No Drama
-Node War Attendance
-Adult Only
-Daily Activity Encouraged

We Are Currently Accepting Groups Or Small Guild Merges If Everyone Meets Our Requirements

GT: Mayonnaise Plz


Character Name Dispat***
Main Character -
FeedbackTopic<Feared>[NA] PvX 475+gs 59+ lvl 18+ No Drama

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