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Suggestions to Bring Life to BDO PvP
Kuuler 2021-01-17 04:03
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# 1
Edit Date : 17.01.2021

After playing BDO for almost two years now it has come to my attention that most ppl play this game for the pvp, but the problem is there's not much incentive to do it. I will go over a few pvp modes we have currently.


Red Battlefield:


This is probably my favorite out of all the pvp modes, but I feel that it's a huge waste of potential. 

From a players perspective I believe that RBF should be just as much of a viable source of income as much as hunting grounds such as Hystria, Aakman, and Mirumoks. Devs stress about working hard and grinding to build your gear, but not everyone favors that. Others will Lifeskill for the gear, and a lot of ppl would just love to pvp and increase their gearscore.

A very simple fix to this without breaking the market would be to either add other profitable rewards from Red Seals or simply make each match give more money. Currently you can hop in a match 10 min in and make either 4 to 6 million, to on a winning streak you would make 36 million in an hour (hopping in 6,10 min matches and winning every single one). This is simply not enough with how expensive items are getting. I propose making at least 100+ mil in an hour with back to back losses. Brings more incentive, helps ppl gear up another way, win win win.


Another problem with the rbf is Spawn Camping. Currently you can grab a vendor buff at your base that is basically a self PA (Protected Area), but theres a few problems with this.

1. By the time you make it down the tower a few seconds have burned away

2. While climbing down it often puts you in a falling animation and sheaths your weapons

3. You can cc chained to until the buff wears off before you can even get out and fight

Possible Solutions:

1. Extend the buffs time so it's not wasted

2. Make it easier to climb down (stair case that only that team can walk down)

3. Add cc resistance to the vendor buff

4. Add an invisible wall that the enemy can walk through or cast ranged abilities through (A one way Shai bubble)

5. Put a death timer or point penalty when entering or being near the opposing teams base (could lose points per kill or lose them the longer they stay in a certain range.


Another big problem I've noticed is casters or ranged classes climbing walls either in front or around the rbf and free casting skills without being punished. Not everyone can climb that wall to retaliate without being blown up by damage or cc's.

Possible Solutions:

1. Make some walls of the rbf( in front of spawns and along pathways) not climable (non grabable when jumping next to them)

2. Make climbing protected( Super Armored)


Matchmaking or Class Equalizing:

Now this is a request that I personally don't know is do-able but would love to see. I recently joined a fresh RBF that had low geared skirmishing classes on my team (7 ppl) and the other team was nothing but high geared casters. As you know Casters are a very strong class in the game and fighting multiple at once is extremely difficult even with high gear. If possible I propose having a system that equalizes the gearscore and maybe the classes on each team. I've had many rbfs where there's 25 geared players on one team versus 10 geared and 15 under geared players and an equalizing system would help this issue immensely.


Node War and Seige:


In my BDO career I've participated in these modes and while they have improved there is still a few changes I'd suggest. Before I go over those I know there is currently a Node War change coming through and a new large scale pvp mode and these suggestions I think would really help them.

1. Dp buffs when using seige tower, or make players invulnerable to damage while on a seige tower, also adding a foldable ramp to walk down to prevent problems when hopping off the tower into enemies

2. More incentive to participate in the events ( rewards that will noticeably help in making gains for better gear for your characters being either flat out more money or sellable items)

3. Making the stars you currently get in Seige have more money making items for gear gains, but cost less stars to spend.

4. Making taller Seige towers for castles (Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia)

5. (Personal Wish) Making Cron Castle an actual castle and giving Serendia a Castle for seige/ making the area to place Forts for seige bigger.


Being a Negative Karma Player:


I understand the whole point for the Karma system, but some people like the life of being a villain and walking around open word ready to pvp at any means notice, but there are too many punishments that dont make it worthwhile. So here are a few improvements that I think should be added

1. Removing the possibility of downgrading gear(I believe it's way to costly of a punishment for players, crystal destruction death punishments are fine)

2. Being a Perma Red player having constant rewards depending on how long you are negative 900,000+ Karma (gold bars, outfits, titles, etc.)

3. More bandit towns( such as Muiquun) that Red Players can go to, to sell goods, visit the marketplace, repair gear, and have player housing (A good example being a poacher town in a back woods area or cave in Kamasylvia hidden from view)

4. Being able to fight positive Karma players who attack you in Bandit Towns (Personal pet peave)

5. Bandit towns having training dummies for AFK training.

There's many other things I can think of such as more Red Player quests or a Bandit Clan system similar to guilds, but i think this allow another community of players to form. Also a good substitute from downgrading gear would be losing durability (either the regular red bar making you have to repair more or losing the full durability forcing you to use Memory Fragments).


There's a just a few suggestions I have to revitalize the struggling pvp scene of BDO as it's a pvp game that's more about grinding and gear progression through one way than being more about pvp and having more than two ways (hunting grounds and Lifeskilling) to progress in the game.


Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope some of these suggestions will be put in the game.



Character Name Kuuler
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 20.01.2021

No none of that is any good the failure is on pa there end game content is small and short sighted just like there imagination they wouldnt know how to breath new life into this game if god shoved the air down there mouths to be able to do it they have no ability to even see a way to expand the end game so it will always be a lame duck cause pa is a lame duck...RIP BDO

Character Name Grizz
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 07.05.2021

Take arsha out of the game force people to PvP on Blue Servers.

Character Name Luxcia
Main Character
# 4
Edit Date : 07.05.2021
On: 2021-05-07 19:24, by Luxcia

Take arsha out of the game force people to PvP on Blue Servers.

53 Minutes ago

Force people to respawn at town instead of safe zone when they're killed in PvP. Only reasonable solution to K bombers.

Character Name Kandicaine
Main Character
# 5
Edit Date : 13.09.2022


On: 2021-05-07 20:19, by Kandicaine
Edit Date : 07.05.2021

Force people to respawn at town instead of safe zone when they're killed in PvP. Only reasonable solution to K bombers.

I just got to Prof 5 in fishing and i am trying to use the Thin Harpoon and i can't get it to work. I go to a place where i see a big fish swimming on top of water and i equip my Harpoon and press X to start and it just says waiting forever till i press R2 to stop. 

slope game

Character Name Theoderick
Main Character
# 6
Edit Date : 20.09.2022

Put a cooldown on Elion's Tear

Character Name Ludius
Main Character
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