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Honestly, PS5 upgrade for BDO WHEN?!
Teja 2022-09-27 07:15
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# 1
Edit Date : 27.09.2022

Its been almost ages since BDO came out, and 3+ years on ps4. Have you decaresed the prices on console for pearls to compnesate the extreeme downgarde from PC gameplay? reply>"NOPE, infact you will have to pay for monthly subsription to play this 'game' on console while PC platform gets a better version of this game in every possible way for cheaper. Deal with it morons."

I am surpirsed at myself for paying and buying pearls still. 

Its high time you took console seriously. Mind you, internet can build or downgrade your precious rep. 

>>>"Give us an ETA for PS5 upgrade for BDO"<<<

Have a good day now PA.

Character Name Teja
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 30.09.2022

Вот да, уже 2 года как пообещали next gen версию Black desert, неужели улучшать графику для нового поколения консолей настолько трудоемко, что занимает годы, за это время ААА игры делают, а тут ждем столько лет и даже новостей об этом нет. Как там продвижения?
Конечно и у это версии клиента полно проблем с зависанием на несколько секунд что очень мешает в PVP в целом, играть очень не комфортно из за частых зависаний на 1 или 2 секунды в PVP или PVE что очень негативно сказывается на игровом опыте.


Yes, it’s been 2 years since they promised the next gen version of Black desert, is it really so laborious to improve the graphics for the new generation of consoles that it takes years, during this time AAA games are being made, but here we have been waiting for so many years and even there is no news about it. How is the progress there? Of course, this version of the client also has a lot of problems with freezing for a few seconds, which makes it very difficult in PVP in general, it is very uncomfortable to play due to frequent freezes for 1 or 2 seconds in PVP or PVE, which has a very negative effect on the gaming experience.
I apologize for the English it is through Google.

Character Name Kerins
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 30.09.2022

Well you definitely hit the nail on some of the several dozen issues in the game for sure. 

It’s hard to pay for a game when you are fully aware that it is not living to its maximum.

Performance hit and major fps drops are just as much as they were pre update (120fps update 2022) in PS5. I have had several green screen shut down of PS5 console whilst black desert only. Its sad really.

One of the major reason to play BDO are the visuals, by not upgrading it to next gen 3 years in to the release is just insult to the injury.

Take heed please and fix it (Give us an ETA)

Character Name Teja
Main Character
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FeedbackTopicHonestly, PS5 upgrade for BDO WHEN?!

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