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Updates [Update] [Update] 01/06 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2021-01-07 00:00


Major Updates – Nova Awakening & Succession

● Awakening and Succession for Nova, the true queen of thorns, have been released.

- Reach Lv.56 or higher and you can proceed with Awakening by accepting [Nova Awakening] Invitation from S from the Black Spirit’s main quest and completing the following series of quests. Also, you can choose Succession for your Nova by completing [Nova Succesion] King of the Dead that continues right after the Awakening quest.

● Added quest [Valencia] Dawn of a New Age where you can obtain a Pearl outfit (7 Days) for Nova.

- You can accept the quest above from the Black Spirit by completing [Lv.56 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story on Nova.

[Go to Nova Awakening & Succession Event]


Major Updates – Increased Devour Efficiency

● Increased the efficiency of Devour when using it on PRI (I) - TET (IV) enhancement level gear.

- The increase in Enhancement Chance when devouring weapons and defensive gear were changed to the following:

※ However, these numbers only apply to using Devour when the Enhancement Chance is at 0."


Enhancement Levels
















75 (No changes)


Defense Gear

Enhancement Levels
















70 (No changes)


Major Updates – Crafting & Enhancing Capotia Accessories

● Added crafting methods for Capotia accessories.

Capotia Accessories



Capotia Ring

Lv.61 or higher

Use Manufacture

Yona's Fragment x325

Kzarka's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Fortitude x5

Capotia Earring

Lv.62 or higher

Use Manufacture

Yona's Fragment x300

Nouver's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Corruption x5

Capotia Belt

Lv.63 or higher

Use Manufacture

Yona's Fragment x350

Kutum's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Tranquility x5

Capotia Necklace

Lv.64 or higher

Use Manufacture

Yona's Fragment x400

Karanda's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Storms x5

● You can now enhance Capotia accessories.

- You can enhance the Capotia accessory with an accessory with the same name.

- If you fail to enhance the Capotia accessory, it will not be destroyed but the enhancement level will decrease and the max durability will also decrease by 10.

- You can attain max durability recovery by using an accessory of the same name or Yona’s Fragment.

● Descriptions for enhancement and crafting have been added to the tooltips of Capotia Necklace, Earring, Ring, and Belt.


Capotia Necklace

Basic: AP 25 / Accuracy 16


AP 26 / Accuracy 16


AP 27 / Accuracy 17


AP 28 / Accuracy 18


AP 29 / Accuracy 19


AP 30 / Accuracy 20


Capotia Earring

Basic: AP 13 / Accuracy 8


AP 13 / Accuracy 9


AP 13 / Accuracy 10 / DP 1


AP 13 / Accuracy 11 / DP 2


AP 13 / Accuracy 12 / DP 3


AP 13 / Accuracy 12  / DP 4


Capotia Ring

Basic: AP 14 / Accuracy 8


AP 14 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 10


AP 16 / Accuracy 10


AP 17 / Accuracy 10


Capotia Belt

Basic: AP 14 / Accuracy 8


AP 14 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 10


AP 16 / Accuracy 10


AP 17 / Accuracy 10


We had introduced Capotia accessories in the past as a symbolic reward of your very first level-up. Since they used to be TRI accessories, them being a reward itself was seen as meaningful back then.However, we concluded, from our current as well as future point of view, that Capotia accessories would gradually become less attractive. We consequently added ingredients that could be used more broadly (for example, raising a second character) and an enhancement feature that could enhance the value of an accessory. We worked on this patch focusing on that these two updates would not immediately affect the market. So not every player might need Capotia accessories for now, but we hope their significance and usefulness to grow further on a long term basis.



Major Updates – Patrigio Secret Shop Revamp

● Revamped Patrigio’s Secret Shop  
-The following list shows which items remain, which are added and which have been removed from Patrigio’s Secret Shop. 

Item Name


Dandelion Weapon Box


Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box

Nouver’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box

Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box

Urugon’s Shoes

Leebur’s Gloves

Griffon’s Helmet

Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor

Giath’s Helmet

Red Nose’s Armor

Bheg’s Gloves

Muskan’s Shoes

Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day)

Ogre Ring

Ring of Crescent Guardian

Basilisk’s Belt

Patrigio’s Apparel Bag

Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3

Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3

Cron Stone Bundle: 10

Hard Black Crystal Shard

Sharp Black Crystal Shard

Black Stone (Weapon) Bundle: 5

Black Stone (Armor) Bundle: 5

Tungrad Necklace


Laytenn’s Power Stone

Tungrad Earring

Tungrad Belt

Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

Advice of Valks (+100)

Advice of Valks (+90)

Advice of Valks (+80)

Advice of Valks (+70)

Advice of Valks (+60)

Advice of Valks (+50)

Advice of Valks (+40)

Advice of Valks (+30)

Advice of Valks (+20)

Supreme Cooking Utensil

Supreme Alchemy Tool

Crystal Extraction Tool x1

Krogdalo's Origin Stone

Sicil’s Necklace


Blue Whale Molar Earring

Tree Spirit Belt

Witch’s Earring

Mark of Shadow

Class – Specific Kzarka, Dandelion, Nouver, Kutum Weapons




● Fixed the issue where motions would sometimes be displayed abnormally when moving out of water.

● Fixed the issue where sometimes you could walk underwater.

● Fixed the issue where certain classes performed abnormal actions when Combat Assistance was turned on.

● Added a feature where you can hide the appearance of your sub-weapon while in non-combat stance.
- You can turn on/off this feature by pressing the shield icon on the lower part of the equipment window.
- This can be applied while you are in non-combat mode. The appearance of your sub-weapon will be exposed again when switching into combat mode.



● Improved the following skill to hit targets that are in higher locations.

- Black Spirit: Prime: Descending Current



● Fixed the issue where Black Spirit: Violation would deliver Lv. 1 damage after using it by consuming shards.

● Prime: Dream of Doom - Fixed the issue where the projectile could not be seen when looking at another adventurer.



● Divine Judgment of Light – Changed the effect to be corresponding to the attack range.



● Improved the following skills to hit targets that are in higher locations.

- Flow: Perfect Sign



● Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut - Fixed the skill description about Concealment to match its actual effects.


Dark Knight

● Improved the following skills to hit targets that are in higher locations.

- Black Spirit: Obsidian Ashes



● Fixed the issue where the description for Thrashing Wolf was displaying information about WP recovery incorrectly.



● Improved the following skills to hit targets that are in higher locations.

- Arrow Explosion



● Bitter Reign - Improved the combo motion after the 1st hit is used while casting Quoratum's Protection.

● Quoratum's Opening - Improved to be useable after using Icy Fog laterally.

● Rage Absorption - Fixed the issue where the Attack Speed Increase buff was being applied.

● Changed the following skills to not activate Quoratum's Protection at the end of the skill.

> Face the Darkness, Punishing Trap, Quoratum's Opening, Quoratum's Ascension, Command: Rime Ice

● Fixed the issue with the Combat Assistance mode where the direction of attacks would not change with the enemy movement when performing a chain of standing or forward basic attacks.

● Pressing RS/R3 to change into idle stance when summons are out will now remove the summons.

● Fixed the issue where the summons were kept even though Quoratum's Protection was no longer active.

● Fixed the issue where the effect on the shoulders would remain when getting on a mount and the summons were removed.

● Winter Testudo - Changed the duration to 5 seconds.

● Reduced the cooldown from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

● Winter Testudo - Fixed the issue where the skill would not activate for adventurers not participating in the Node/Conquest War.

● Winter Testudo - Fixed to not collide with the summoned guard.

● Winter Testudo - Fixed the issue where using the skill in a safe zone would push other characters back.

● Fixed the issue where Nova would not blink in the Customizing screen.

● SP will be recovered when successfully blocking an attack during Quoratum’s Protection.

● SP will be recovered on a successful Mauling Star hit.

● The last hit will be activated right after pressing RB/R1 while using Mauling Star.

● Mauling Star - Equal amount of damage will be inflicted to enemies within the hitting range regardless of the point hit by the Morning Star.

● Changed the critical hit rate of Mauling Star to be not applied to PvP environments.

● Damage of Command: Passed Pawn I – Absolute: Command: Passed Pawn has been changed as below:

- PvP damage has dropped by 33%

- Critical hit rate will not be applied to PvP environments.

● The description of Quoratum’s Protection in the skill guide has been changed to “Shield Block Stance” to be read more intuitively.

● Fixed the issue where facial expression would not be displayed when doing “Confident.”

● Quoratum’s Protection - Fixed the issue where Quoratum’s Protection would be deactivated when used before Quoratum’s Opening and Punishing Trap.

● You will not be able to move pressing RS while using following skills:

- Quoratum’s Opening

- Punishing Trap

● Summoned guard will be unsummoned when using Emergency Escape.

● Summoned guard will be instantly unsummoned when Quoratum’s Protection is deactivated.

● The guards will not be able to detect enemies behind a wooden fence or wooden fence gate.

● If Icy Prison is used while a guard is summoned, the guard will attack forward.

● Fixed the issue where bound effect was applied to the opposition when using Black Spirit: Icy Prison with a guard summoned.

● Fixed the issue where the number of hits for the 2nd hit was fixed to three when using Bitter Reign while mounted.

● Fixed the issue where the effect of Cold, Dark Star would be activated during the Chain Hit (1st hit) when using Bitter Reign while mounted



● Changed the condition for the actiavtion of “Hide Other Characters” when a world boss appears.

- Before: 30 or more nearby Adventurers

- After: 10 or more nearby Adventurers

● Added a feature where you can select the entire part when dyeing a gear in the Dye window.



● Changed items to show applied desert buffs through marked icons in the Trade Item sells list.

● Awakening outfits for all released characters can be obtained from Premium Outfit Box.



● Increased the benefits gained from defeating furious monsters at night.

- Now defeating monsters at night will grant an Item Drop Rate +10% buff.

Most of the monsters become more ferocious at night in Black Desert. It might be tough for nighttime hunters looting items, but it becomes rather a good time for those who seek to level up fast as the monsters give you more EXP.

Therefore, to make nights a happy hunting time for all Adventurers, we have prepared a special item buff for you. Can’t wait to go night-hunting!

● The Guild Boss Giant Mudster has amassed powerful energies from the soil of Glish Ruins.

- As Giant Mudster's body begins to crumble from taking damage, it will let out a large cry, calling forth Mudsters.

- The Giant Mudster will try to absorb these Mudsters into its own body, which will restore the destroyed portions and restore its health in the process.

- You must defeat the Mudsters before they reach the Giant Mudster to prevent Giant Mudster from restoring its health.

- As the Guild Boss Giant Mudster has grown much stronger, the chance to loot Stone of Malice has greatly increased, along with other junk loot drops.

● The Guild Boss Ancient Puturum's power source has reached its limit and made its attacks more dangerous than before.

- Once Ancient Puturm gathers a portion of its energy, it will begin summoning power towers to draw from them and deal a devastating attack.

- You must defeat the power towers within 1 minute to prevent Ancient Puturum from unleashing his devastating attack. Also, power towers will inflict explosive damage when destroyed.

- Defeating all the summoned towers within 1 minute will cause Ancient Puturum to lose power and land. It will remain immobile for a short period of time.

- Improved the loot dropped by Guild Boss Ancient Puturum.

● Fixed the issue with the landing animation of Ancient Puturum spawned from Dark Rifts after certain attacks.


Quest & Knowledge

● [Hashashin Succession] -Changed the icon of Illezra's Bell.

● [Maehwa Succession] -Fixed the Illezra's Candlestand's item description.

● Changed the location of the guard in front of Ancient Stone Chamber.

● Changed the requirement to accept the quest "Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange," in which you can exchange your Black Abyssal Weapon for a Black Abyssal Weapon Box for another class with NPC Abdul Jaum, the Skill Instructor of Altinova, as follows.



 Lv. 55 or higher, accept and complete the "Past Glory" questline from NPC Konah of Altinova Arena

Lv. 55 or higher, accept and complete the ""Past Glory"" questline from NPC Konah of Altinova Arena


Complete the quest "Past Glory" after accepting the Mediah Main Quest "[Crossroad] Until We Meet Again"


Complete the quest "The Way Back" after accepting the Mediah Main Quest "[Crossroad] For Altinova"


● Fixed the Dream Horse Arduanatt to lose its wings if it dies while in mid-air.



● Adjusted the Guild member roster to display Cannoneers ranked above Quartermasters.

● Fixed the issue where Guilds with guild points exceeding 999 wouldn't be displayed in the Guild window.

● Fixed the issue where searching for Dye in the Menu wouldn't display its icon correctly.

● Fixed the issue where the Naive Worker appeared as if they had a Promotion Chance.

● My Gardens window has been updated.


Changes and Fixes

● [Nova] Fixed the issue where she could not exchange Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) and Beginner Black Stone (Armor) for Naru gear and box through Fughar when she completes the quest "Witness" in the Serendia quest series "[Crossroad] The Lamenting Head of the League of Merchants".

- Naru Main Weapon Box

- Naru Sub-weapon Box

- Naru Helmet

- Naru Armor

- Naru Gloves

- Naru Shoes

● Fixed the issue where characters would look awkward in certain situations while wearing the following outfits:

- [Hashashin] Alchemist’s Clothes

- [Witch] Treant Camouflage

- [Mystic] Dhyana Gloves

- [Guardian] Noel

- [Shai] Ignis Ear Cuff

- [Nova] Rebar Armor, Armor of Hercules’ Might, Serendian Soldier Suit

- [Female characters] Cantabile Outfit

● Fixed the issue where the rowboat would sink underwater when attaching Belle Epoque Hull.

● Elaborated the description of item “Golden Pouch of Fortune.”

● Fixed the issue where the description for Combat Assistance in Settings would overlap with Navigation Guide Type.

● [Lahn] - Fixed the issue where beauty album could not be applied in the Beauty window.

● [Lahn] - Fixed the issue where features related to character actions would not work properly in the Beauty window.

● Improved some sentences for better understanding and fixed typos.

● Fixed an issue where some backgrounds would be displayed abnormally


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