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GM Note Black Spirit Gamescom Wrap Up 08.27.2018

Since I made the decision to take a brief sabbatical from the Black Desert World, I have been doing some soul searching.

I wanted to go on a journey that would allow me to understand the Adventurers better. I mean, they usually just follow me around and I guide them through the Black Desert world,

but I don’t really get a chance to really understand them. I was hoping a trip to their world would give me some perspective on what they’re thinking.

It seems that even in this world, they run around doing the things they are told, and mindlessly follow orders.


After doing some research, I found out that many Adventurers from around the world gathered in Germany for an event called ‘Gamescom’.

I decided that this would be the best place for me to get started. Gamescom is held in Cologne, a city much like Calpheon with its big streets, huge beautiful buildings and lots and lots of people.

However, the wagons here are made of steel and do not require horses to pull them. It seems they have removed horses from the picture entirely


As I wandered around Gamescom, some people came around and asked if they could take a selfie with me.

I kind of just stood there as they put their arm around me and took a picture. I looked up at the little box they were holding in their hands, then they thanked me and walked away.

Were they questing? Did they need an image of me to be able to progress further in this game? Though thinking about it,

I guess it’s no different from when the Adventurers take portraits of themselves in Black Desert.


I digress, many adventurers came up to speak to me, to tell me about life in the Black Desert, and to generally have fun.

My travel companions gave them gifts and tools to keep them cool in the hot weather.

From what I could gather, these Adventurers are very passionate about what they enjoy and love to talk about their experiences.

It was really interesting to hear so many stories and finally get to meet some of them in person.

I think that this was a really worthwhile trip as I was able to get a peek into what the real world is really like.

All of the people I met were so different, from their wardrobe to the way they spoke,

it was incredible to see that many people from such different walks of life come together because of their shared passion for something.


Walking around Gamescom really helped give me better insight on Adventurers.

I hope that even if it’s just something small, I would like to bring some of this experience back with me to the Black Desert World.


I am told that the next place I should visit is a small place called Seattle,

as there is another convention there called PAX West. I guess I’ll fly over there and see what that’s all about. Until next time...