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GM Note Black Spirit PAX West Wrap Up 09.05.2018

The second stop of my world tour was Seattle. Seattle is a city unlike anything I have never seen before. It is incredibly large, the likes of which have yet to be seen in the Black Desert world. Huge metal towers pierce the skies, and the people in this city sure do like to drink something called “coffee”. I have tasted it and honestly, I don’t get it.


Unlike Cologne, I had a strict schedule to maintain, at least for one day. I had an engagement with Microsoft to attend a show called “ID@XBOX Pre-PAX event”. I was told that I would be introducing new and old Adventurers to Black Desert. 


And that I did, there were many people who came up to see my homeworld, and many of them were incredibly excited to see it. I showed them a few places like The Bloody Monastery, and basically how to navigate the world. It was a great day to show many of the things that Black Desert has to offer, and hopefully we will be inviting them into our world very soon.


PAX West was next, and there I had a fun time. Many people came by to take photos of me inside the venue, and we got to see some cool tabletop games, as well as other worlds that I have yet to see. It was a very different atmosphere to Gamescom. While Gamescom felt like a constant surge of people, PAX felt more like a trickle. It was definitely more intimate and the experience felt cozier. Part of me really enjoyed the more relaxed nature of PAX.


All in all, this entire trip has been great. I honestly hope that I will have more opportunities in the future to leave my world and explore more of the real one. It really makes a difference when you get to meet the Adventurers in person, rather than through a screen. For now though, I will need to return to the Black Desert world. I need to take some time to recharge myself, and regain my power so that I can return again.