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GM Notes [GM Note] Kamasylvia Introduction
Black Desert 2019-08-08 10:30


Kamasylvia - Natures Fortress

The lands of Kamasylvia are as old as time immemorial. This lush forest region is the birthplace of the elves, and was blessed by the goddess Sylvia. Today let’s look at some of its history, and some of the sights you will get to see when exploring this new region.


The beginning


At the very beginning of time, before the wars of man, a sacred tree rooted itself at the highest part of a forest. As its mystical roots ploughed through the earth, the Goddess Sylvia descended with the spirits of nature and named the tree Kamasylve. With the power of the sun and moon she created life. The Tooth Fairies tended to the forests, and the Vedir and Ganelle sprang forth as the first children of Sylvia. From there the civilization flourished. 


Year 274 of the Elionan Calendar

As young as he was, King Seric of Calpheon was impressed at the natural fortifications of Kamasylvia. He exclaimed that the region itself was a “natural fortress protected by nature”. The forests stood as silent sentinels, towering over those who walked beneath. Kamasylvia also had outstanding archers, which the King could use in the on-going battles against the Saunils. Through much courting, the standing armies of Kamasylve agreed upon helping Calpheon. This led to the founding of Longleaf Tree Sentry Post.

Calpheon gained much from the alliance, yet Grána, the capital city, was hiding the civil war that was raging between the elven factions, and Grána was planning on bringing in reinforcements from Calpheon to help restore order. 


Year 276 of the Elionan Calendar

Queen Brolina Ornette ascended to the throne of Kamasylvia. She was born with all the grace of the Ganelle, and she had an incredibly strong connection to nature. Her wisdom beyond her years gave the people of Kamasylvia a reason to be hopeful. They saw her as a worthy queen.


Through her light, it seemed as though Kamasylve had a chance to heal once more. But the scars of war take a long time to heal. The Kamasylvian civil war had been raging for a long time, and even now the hatred and rage that the Ahib (a fanatic faction of the Vedir) held against the Ganelle would never subside. 


The Ganelle were the elves blessed by the sun, while the Vedir were touched by the moon. Both of the elves lived in harmony for a very long time. Yet when danger neared in the year 235 of the Elionian Calendar, they were ill-equipped to fight. Sylvia in her radiance had provided everything the Ganelle and Vedir needed. Yet as the darkness approached, they heard the cries of nature and prayed to Sylvia for intervention. Their prayers were never answered by their goddess, and the darkness rapidly encroached. 

While the Ganelle were still looking to their goddess, the Vedir made a decision to act on the prophecies of Tulia. In her visions, Tulia saw Grána dissolving into ash and blowing away in lifeless winds. For the first time in history, one of the elven races thirsted for power. The Vedir eventually learned to burn the energy of the first tree Kamasylve, and pushed back the dark forces that were threatening Kamasylvia.

Though the Vedir overcame the threat, the energy burned by the Vedir exacted a heavy toll - Kamasylve perished. With its power heavily diminished, there was grieving in Kamasylvia. Yet the cacophony of the forest sang out, almost promising that the tree would once again flourish.

The Kamasylvians started to fashion weapons from the branches of the tree, and imbued the spirits of nature to help them on their path. Shortly after a civil war broke out between the Ganelle and the Vedir. Each group disagreed with how these new weapons should be used, tensions rose, and shortly thereafter Kamasylvia was beginning to be soaked in the blood of the elves. 


The war eventually ended when Kamasylve briefly awoke and realised the death and destruction that was happening. The tree stripped the weapons of their energy, and locked it away for those who were worthy of wielding the power within. From this day on, Kamasylvian society would never be the same again.

The Ganelle separated into two factions. The Acher Guard formed first as upholders of law, order and traditions of Kamasylvia. They were mostly Ganelle, but a few Vedir joined their ranks. Their numbers far outstripped the other faction, the Lemoria Guard. These were the rangers of Kamasylvia, and they embraced the harmony of nature’s spirit, and aimed to commune with them as equals. 

Power had corrupted some of the Vedir, and they created a new faction called the Ahib. They were ruthless in their pursuit of supernatural power, and were seeking a way to replicate the power they burned from Kamasylve. Their devotion to the cause was seen as cultish by Grána, and as such others started to look down on the Ahib, considering them extremists. This caused issues for those Vedir who became the Dark Knights. Although this faction understood the cost of harnessing the powers of nature, they were often grouped together with the Ahib, causing problems for them. The one thing that all Vedir, whether Ahib or Dark Knight believed, was that spirits were there to be controlled by the elves.

All of this may have been history, yet by the year 276 the scars of the past were still open. The Acher guards designated an area of the forest where Vedir could not tread, which infuriated all Vedir. The Ahib were outraged, the Dark Knights were furious, yet they could not take action as the Ganelle Elves heavily outnumbered the Vedir. One morning the Dark Knights had simply vanished, leaving Kamasylvia and cutting themselves off from their sisters. 

Taking advantage of the Dark Knights’ absence, the Acher now started to drive out the Ahib. The Ahib escaped south-east to the Salun Bear territory. The Acher Guard, fearful of the ferocious beasts, decided to leave the Ahib to their fate. 

The Acher returned to Kamasylve and looked for ways to resurrect the ancient tree. The Ahib however, had won the favor of the Salun Bears and a new alliance was formed. 

Year 283 of the Elonian Calendar

Nature had started to recover. Those who remained in Kamasylvia had started to focus on priesthood to bring back the dormant Kamasylve. Once they reached adulthood and completed their training, they were sent out into the world in search of spirits. Once they found them, they would collect the energy and return to Kamasylvia to feed the energy to the tree. Slowly but surely, Kamasylve was restored. 

Year 284 of the Elonian Calendar

After their Exile from Kamasylvia, the Ahib fortress was built in O’dyllita, and was shrouded in darkness. Scouts reported that an alliance had been formed with the Salun Bears to create new weapons. Before long though, the barren lands were swaying with the burning flames of the Ahib.

The Lemoria Guard stations on the Kamasylvian Steppes observed the movement, and readied their defences. The guards who were stationed at the Duzak Tunnel were the first in the line of fire. They sent for more reinforcements from Lemoria, yet the damage done was horrific. Half of the Lemoria forces were eviscerated protecting the plains, and while the Ahib were not defeated, they retreated as Kamasylvian priests sealed the tunnel off.

The Ahib were not the same Ahib that were forced out. Their power was immense, and their aura seemed to be darker and more intimidating. Their influence was starting to spread and this made the Acher nervous.

Year 286 of the Elonian Calendar

There were a few minor engagements with the Ahib, but it seemed that peace was mostly maintained. Looking for more allies in the world, Queen Brolina opened Kamasylvia up to foreigners, and sent messages out to Calpheon and Dreighan. 



Lemoria Guard Post sits on the border to Calpheon, and is used as a sentry outpost and border patrol for Kamasylvian forces. Most adventurers heading into Kamasylvia will find that they pass through the guard post. 



One of the oldest trees in Kamasylvia, only beaten by Kamasylve itself. Its immense size and thickness means that the tree cannot be felled. The tree has long since died, and is now used as a command post for Lemoria expeditions.  


This vast grassland is home to many beasts of Kamasylvia. Feather Wolves, Elephants and Griffons can all be spotted in this scenic location. Occasionally, a King Griffon can be spotted spreading its large wings here. 



Manshaum Forest is one of the most dangerous areas of eastern Kamasylvia. The Manshaums are a society of creatures that worship Mansha, and build intricate totems to celebrate it. The Manshaums are incredibly dangerous and those that wander here often end up facing a painful end at the hands of the Manshaum Warriors. 



The sheer size and scope of this temple are impressive. Now a ruin, the area is guarded by ancient weapons. Although some have lost their power, there are enough of them left to pose real danger to adventurers who wish to explore the region. 



This Altar of training is a structure made of multiple divided sections on top of a mountain. Those who are the descendants of Sylvia undergo their training here and face terrible beasts and monsters. The Altar here is infused with the energy of Valtarra’s Spirit. Those seeking strength and nobility seek out that energy. 


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