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GM Notes [GM Note] The Last Champion of Sylvia, Archer!
Black Desert 2019-08-09 05:00


The Watchers of the Roots make their way to Black Desert. With the Kamasylvia update, the Archer will be available to create and play. Unlike other characters, the Archer comes with his awakening weapon readily available, and can effortlessly switch between them early on. Find out more about the Archer below.




Year 235 of the Elionian Calendar


Kamasylve, the tree of life for residents of Kamasylvia, was weeping. The daughters of Sylvia were turning on each other. The Ganelle and the Vedir were slaughtering each other relentlessly. Yet the Ahib, a faction of the Vedir, had grand plans for the future. They had tasted the sweet nectar of power and were looking to take over Kamasylvia and bend nature to their will. There was just one possible roadblock. Kamasylve had a near-forgotten defense force that protected the roots of the tree. These incredible warriors so far away could hamper their plans, and so the Ahib placed a sealing spell on the roots to cut any possible interference. 



Whereas Ganelle and Vedir were the daughters of the goddess Sylvia, the Luthraghon were the sons. Buried deep under the roots of Kamasylve, they kept watching with minimal contact of the world above. In the darkness, they built the fortress ‘Adùir’, a monumental fortress entwined with Kamasylve.

Yet at the root of the tree the Goddess’ voice rang clear. It echoed through the roots and comforted them. They knew that if the voice of their mother could be heard, then the surface world still stands. One day the voice faded. Much like the Ganelle, their power was drawn from the goddess, and at the point, the voice faded, they lost what minimal contact they had with the surface world. 


Without contact, the Luthraghon were beginning to feel lost. An elder of the Luthraghon stood up. A veteran of Adùir who was present when the first foundations of the fortress were laid stood up to reassure them.


“Although something has happened up there, now is the time we must trust our sisters. Our faith that they can deal with any issues must remain, as we must remain here to protect the roots! They will stand strong, as we must stand strong! We must remain here with the light of Sylvia in our hearts, to pierce the everlasting darkness!” 

Many years passed. They still had no contact with the surface, nor could they hear the voice of their goddess. The silence was deafening. With each day that passed, each day their light felt dimmer as if the darkness was creeping into their core.


One day, the lookouts of Adùir noticed something in the distance. An ominous dark cloud rolled towards them. A horn blew in the distance and then was quickly extinguished. The Scout had spent his dying breath on warning Adùir. A second and third horn blew and were quickly snuffed out. The Luthraghon in Adùir wasted no time in mobilizing. As they manned the ramparts, the horror of their enemy became apparent.

A gargantuan rolling cloud of darkness was rushing towards them. The darkness roared, a discordant cacophony of sound. Wails and screeches, cries of pain and pleasure and of harmonic and dissonant tones. A maddening symphony that could drive fear into any warrior's heart.

Yet the Luthraghon stood their ground as the cloud rolled nearer. The generals ordered their soldiers to nock their arrows and aim towards the cloud. Adùir was in silence except for the calls from the generals. Even with the approaching wall of sound, the soldiers were quiet, listening for the commands to release. The darkness was just 1000 ft away, then 700 ft, and then suddenly 500 ft. The generals ordered the release of the arrows which soared through the air and rained down on the encroaching enemy, yet the billowing wall of darkness seemed unaffected. They nocked again, this time the release call was instant, but again ineffective. The wall of darkness was now 100ft from Adùir. The Luthraghon manning the walls were ready for a fight. The tsunami of darkness towered over the walls and crashed down upon them. Almost instantly many lives were lost, yet those who could still fight were hanging on.

Suddenly the dark spirits became mesmerized by a bright light that appeared from the center of Adùir. Those spirits that saw the light moved towards it, and they shattered as the light touched their darkness. 


A young Luthraghon was the first to notice. The blood of his fallen comrades was pooling around his feet. There was no hope left in Adùir, and he wanted to believe that the light was a beacon of hope. He broke what little rank was left and dashed across the battlefield heading for the light. “You coward! How dare you turn your back on the will of our Mother! Defend the lines!” the elder of the fortress screamed out to him.

In a fleeting second, the young Luthraghon hesitated, remembering his pledge.

I am the arrow that shatters darkness,
I am the Watcher of the Roots
My life be pledged to the walls of Adùir

He wanted to stop, to return to the fight yet something was calling him. Then he felt warm. A bright light surrounded him, comforting him, begging him to follow. He could feel that this was Sylvia’s will, perhaps the last of her energy. He screamed back at the elder,

“Step aside, Elder. Mother’s will is pulling me through this rift!”, and with a flash, he was gone. 

Class Introduction

Archer is a highly mobile class capable of shooting enemies while simultaneously dodging their attacks. Even against insurmountable odds, he is able to escape deaths grip.

He has the ability to use 2 main weapons from the start. The Crossbow (main weapon) and the Greatbow (awakening weapon) are available from level 1, and you are free to switch between them.

The Archer has magic which can inflict damage or set up enemies for the final blow with the bolts of his Crossbow.


Meteor Dive

- This skill can be activated during any skill that Archer uses. This will allow you to create even more variations of combos.

Winged Strike

- This skill hits twice while you quickly move in a direction you want. It may be difficult to use this skill repeatedly but it can be used to great effect.

Earth Shatter

- It is a short-range AoE skill that can deal a lot of damage. It can also be used after certain skills so it works well in combos.

Breath of the Spirit

- You’ll be able to either heal, CC, or reduce effects. Using the right one for the right occasion to change the tide of battle.

Zephyr Leap

- This skill allows you to step back quickly and attack at the same time.



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