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GM Notes [GM Note] Shai Plays a Tune
Black Desert 2019-08-23 07:30


The new Shai talents will soon be available! The talent update combines the Shai’s need to help others and her newfound musical abilities to inspire allies even more! Find out more about the Shai’s talents below.

The Talented Shai


The light of Florin shone bright with curiosity. The young Shai who lost her memories travelled around the world to make new ones. From the lazy coasts of Velia to the sprawling expanse of Valencia she travelled. Yet when she heard the name Florin, she felt an insatiable need to return there. She packed up belongings and placed them on her trusty donkey companion and set off towards the sleepy village of Florin.

As she neared the village, she took a turn up into the mountain side and stumbled upon a familiar cave. She didn’t understand why she was pulled to this place but her natural curiosity pulled her in. Each step on the cold floor caused shivers to run up her spine. Then she came upon the lab once more. Memories flooded her mind as a darkness encompassed her. This time it seemed hungrier than before. The malice seemed insatiable, and the descent into darkness was filled with more dread than the Shai had ever experienced before.

Yet at that point where the darkness tried to consume her completely, a radiant light burst forth from the Shai again.The light seemed to stun the darkness, and the shai realising her escape window was short, fled from the cave and ran straight to the nearby Florin. 


She was confused as those around her seemed to know who she was. They welcomed her back from her travels, but she could not remember ever being here before. It wasn’t until she bumped into Valentine that some of the memories began to come back to her.

So you have returned, sweet child of light. And it seems you have had another run in with the darkness…”

The young Shai who was almost torn apart by the darkness, felt comforted. Valentine, the chief of Florin seemed to understand her situation. He sat her down, and explained that light and darkness are inseparable, that the brightest lights cause the darkest shadows. He talked at length about his experiences with the darkness, and how his light had helped him escape. They talked for a long time, and as the sun began to set over the valley he told her that he overcame that darkness after studying music with Artina. The young Shai immediately wanted to find the maestra, and rid herself of the nightmares. 


The next morning she set off to find Artina. With haste she climbed mountains, explored forests until she heard beautiful melodies filling the air. The young Shai listened intently, the calming highs and lows of the tune captured her attention, and before long she was face to face with her ill-tempered teacher.

“Who’s trying to distract me from my work again?”

Although they were almost polar opposites, Artina was captured by the innocence and enthusiasm the young Shai displayed, and the young Shai was captured by the beautiful melodies that Artina could pluck from thin air. Their lessons began awkwardly at first. The young Shai could not keep time, nor could she hold a tune. This was shaping up to be Artina’s most difficult task.

Yet slowly but surely the darkness in the young Shai’s heart began to fade, and the music began to fill her being. She learned rhythm, how to pull nature’s melodies from around her and amplify their natural beauty. More and more Artina taught her the healing properties of music. It could not cure cuts and bruises, yet it could help soothe a troubled mind and bring clarity in chaos.

When Artina had finished teaching her young protege, the young Shai had learned to play a myriad of instruments. She developed an affinity to the lute, the flute and the djembe. The Shai was content with her new abilities, but unlike her teacher, she wanted to play music to the masses and help ease the trouble of the people.

Leaving behind her teacher was hard, but the young Shai had discovered a new purpose. She left the area and began to search for the darkness in the world, and with her music loving companions, could hopefully shine light on the good of the world.


Shai Discovers her Talent



Instead of awakening, Shai learns new talents and brings them to the battlefield. Instead of learning how to use an awakening weapon, Shai can use ‘Sol’, a gift from Artina which allows her to bring forth instruments that help aid the Shai on the battlefield. The Sol allows you to bring forth a lute called ‘Tring, a flute called ‘Tute’ and a Djembe called ‘Tamtam’. These three different forms change depending on the skill that is used! So what kind of songs can the Shai play?


Do It Better!
This energetic tune fills the Shai and her allies with inspiration! This tune grants an outstanding buff to AP and special attacks.

Shout to the Sky
Channeling the power of life, this performance allows the Shai to shine brightly and provide a health buff to her allies! This tune comes with a warning, it will not change your fate if you rush headfirst into your enemies.

Sun, Moon, Stars
This dynamic tune fills your allies with energy, making everyone quick on their feed.

Summer Rain
On a hot summer day, the Shai composed a tune while imagining rainfall that would cool everything down. The refreshing nature of this song briefly increases allies’ status resistance. 



So let Shai play a tune and help keep your spirits up on the battlefield!


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