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GM Note Dev Diary 1- QA Team 10.05.2018

Hey guys! Today we decided to change things up a little and asked our QA team to tell us what their day is like. With our small tests running on right now, it was kind of hard for us to grab them for a sit down chat, so we had them quickly jot down the things they were doing! 


Hi, my name is Seoul and I’m a member of the QA team. 


8:30- I wake up and get ready for work. Compared to the rest of the QA team, I have a long commute. I play Black Desert Mobile on the way to work, which is a great way to pass the time. But as I’m QA, and I work for Pearl Abyss, this ends up being the warm up to the day. I think about suggestions, any issues I find I look for repeatability. It’s a blessing and a curse. 


9:40- I arrive at my desk, grab my mug and head to the Pearl Abyss cafe. There, I sit with a bunch of my coworkers and we begin chatting about the game. We talk about the work that needs to be done, what has been done, and things that we would like to see improved. This helps us get ready for the day. 


10:00- The official start of the workday. I checked the project schedule, making sure that things are going the way they need to. Then I looked at the issues list, making sure things were fixed and then test those. Then I play some of the newer content added to the build. I also sat down to chat with the developers about new bugs, things that need improving and suggest a few changes that can help with the overall experience of Black Desert. 


13:10- Lunchtime. Today I ate burgers. I don’t eat that much, so I usually grab something quick so I can spend the rest of lunchtime free. Once I get back, I boot up Black Desert and play for about 30 minutes before work starts up again. 


14:10- Back to work. I discovered a pretty interesting bug where the farming UI would stay on the screen even after leaving the menus. After we all tested it multiple times, we recorded it and sent it over to the developers who replicate, find, and then fix it. 

16:00- The error we found ended up being a critical error. There was a potential for the error to show up in many different parts of the game, so we helped clean up a pretty important issue. I felt a sense of pride knowing that I caught a potentially major issue like this! It also helps the overall quality of the finished product. 


19:00- Usually I stay for a bit longer than usual, but today I’m going home on time. If there are a lot of issues that need recording, I end up applying for some overtime, but today we managed to log everything on time. As the deadline approaches though, I will probably stay late most of the time. As the developers were fixing the UI issue above, we scheduled a meeting for tomorrow. The good news is that I received a package at home, so I rush home a little quicker than usual. 


20:10- I get home, and rip open the package on my new figure. I take some time to inspect it, and then place it in my cabinet with the rest of my figures! It’s become somewhat of an expensive habit to maintain, but they give me joy when I look at them. I’ll probably just relax for the rest of the night, watch some TV and fall asleep!