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GM Notes [GM Note] The Desert’s Wrath Approaches
Black Desert 2019-10-07 11:00


One day, a sandstorm swept through the Valencian Desert. Sandstorms are a common occurrence in the great desert, but this one was different. Nothing could withstand the intensity of the storm. Settlements disappeared into the sands, and those traversing the desert were never heard from again.


The Kingdom of Valencia tasked a small group to find the cause of the Sandstorm, yet nobody returned alive. As time passed and the sandstorm shifted, a journal of an adventurer was found beneath the sands of the desert.


The Journal mentioned a vague shadow in the skies above the sandstorm, but then nothing else. The people of Valencia named this fearsome shadow Nouver, after the adventurer who perished writing about it.



The Desert’s Wrath- Nouver


Nouver is a force of nature that rules over the Desert. Adventurers who attempt to face the behemoth dragon will have to fend off sandstorms, heatstroke and hypothermia to just get to the dragon. Then when you get there, you need to face the beast itself! But with great risks come great rewards, and it is possible to get a mighty item from Nouver.


As a world boss, Nouver will spawn on all servers simultaneously, and HP will be shared across the servers. As it is a world boss, the World Boss timetable has been updated.





Facing Nouver


Heading into the desert is a perilous task on its own, and those who are not familiar with the lands can soon find themselves lost to the sands or facing a slow end from desert illnesses.


Make sure you are prepared. Carry lots of purified water and Star Anise tea, a tent to survive the sandstorms and carry a compass, which will allow you to get your bearings no matter how far into the desert you are. 



Gaining Knowledge of Nouver


The first step to defeating any enemy is learning about it. Nouver will use certain attacks at certain times, so knowing how much HP it has left is essential to exploiting its weaknesses. You should head to Ibellab Oasis and speak to Eugene the Stable Keeper. Rumour around town is that he has leads on finding more information about Nouver. There are 3 quests you will need to complete in order to gain the Knowledge needed for Nouver.



Learn Nouver’s Movements


Battling Nouver will require you to learn how to spot and predict its movements. Although going in completely blind is fun, you could die in the desert and lose precious Magic Crystals and EXP. Also, since it’s the desert, you could find yourself far away from the fight, and having to travel flat out to get back.



Nouver will occasionally jump back and lift its head up high, breathing in for a mighty roar of fiery death. Make sure you are out of the way of this attack or you will become a barbeque for vultures.



By beating his powerful wings, Nouver creates a powerful whirlwind pulling everything towards his next ferocious attack. Make sure that if you are being pulled towards him, that you use your evasion techniques to escape this deadly vacuum.



Nouver will occasionally take to the skies, raining fire down on anything beneath it. During this onslaught, you should aim to use your defensive skills and evasive techniques to avoid taking damage.



Once defeated, Nouver has a chance to drop the ‘Nouver’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box’. The Nouver sub-weapons allow adventurers to maximise their AP, as it doesn’t give any boosts to your DP. This makes it the most powerful offensive sub-weapon in the game.



Take a chance against this vile dragon and team up with other strong adventurers! 


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