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Black Desert 2019-02-21 01:00


The beta has come and gone, and we honestly had an absolutely amazing time, and from what we’ve seen so far, so have you guys! With more than 300,000 participants in the 1st and 2nd beta, we step ever closer to the official release of Black Desert! MMORPG’s are built on the players, and you guys have laid such a solid foundation that we’re sure the only way is up. So thank you for being great sports, for all the positivity in chat (even when issues came up) and generally for being amazing! 


The Good 

One of the things that really warmed our hearts was just how helpful everyone was. We understand that not everyone will read the guides, or the websites, or the notices, but there was always someone there to help people out. But it wasn’t just in chat, people were more than willing to party up to go down into Serendia Shrine for more experience and loot. Also, during the 2v2 tournament people mostly stayed out of the arena and let the matches play out. 

We had fun putting on a wide array of events for you all. Our favorite event was probably the GM Battle, which pitted GM vs GM in Red Battlefield. Although we only had basic gear ourselves, the teams always fought valiantly and really represented us well! We will 100% try to keep these types of events going. Other events such as the fishing, the cookout, and the horse catching were all equally fun if not a little frustrating (still waiting to get those fish bones). 

There was also the times that we all came together just to have fun and relax. The fireworks event was a great spectacle with so many people sharing their screenshots. Most people at that point came together, released their lanterns and just generally have a relaxing time together. With the finale happening it was nice to see the new friendships people had made in the game, and that they would hopefully see each other at launch! 

The Bad


No picnic is complete without rain, and it definitely did rain some on the final open beta. Whereas November Beta had issues with the game, Final Beta had a lot more issues with the servers. We know why these issues happened, and of course, we have fixed them. But we wanted to be straight up with you guys and explain the issues and where they were coming from. 


800C000B: Code Name BooCoob. 

This issue was the stuff of nightmares. During the beta, a lot of European players were affected by error code 800C000B. We mentioned right at the start that it was a network timeout issue, but even that can be difficult to solve. This particular issue involved a call from the Microsoft store servers to our servers, which for some accounts was not completable causing the time out. With that call timing-out, it would mean that any purchase made on the store could be lost in the aether, and our servers would never receive the commands from the Microsoft store. At first, we disabled the error code which allowed players to access, then we worked on getting it actually fixed. Good news, we managed to give it a proper solution, and even when we turned the error code back on, there were no more cases of the dreaded 800C000B!  

Not being able to switch servers 
The issue with guild members not being able to switch servers ended up being an issue we created for ourselves. Guild points are usually attained at a very stable rate, and there are no sudden influxes of members in the volumes we ended up seeing. Since we gave every guild the points needed to get to 100 members, we ended up causing a sync error between the guilds and servers. What happened is that some servers were registering a guild as having 20 members, and other servers having 40. This issue ended up hamstringing guilds over the weekend. Our QA team recognized the issue immediately, but we could not push through an update to the beta build that would fix it. That fix will, however, be in the launch version of the game.

UI Size Issue 
We are currently addressing the UI getting cut-off. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though it will be added at launch due to the time constraints, but we are looking to add it in slightly after. 

Other Issues
There were some issues that popped up in the beta version which had been fixed for the day 1 update patches. Unfortunately these did not make their way to the beta build, but have already been applied to the launch day version of the game. 

1: After loading into the game, the camera is stuck in the ground with the UI and character disappearing. 
2. Server chat not functioning correctly, requiring 3 messages to be sent before showing up. 
3. House filters not working in the City menu
4. Armor material effects not working correctly. 
5. Value Pack giving 24 slots in beta. Value packs will give 16 slots when the game launches. 
6. Friends list not showing all the relevant information
7. A few minor issues with the Character Customization. 
8. Screen shake reduction. 


We’re grateful for all the feedback we received from beta, and we’ll strive to do our best to continue adding and improving the game based on the feedback that we receive. We would also like to thank each and every one of you for participating in the beta regardless of the issues many people faced. 


Black Desert Xbox Team. 


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