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Update 11/27 Patch Notes 11.27.2019

Adventurers, a new update is coming which finally brings the Altar of Blood to Black Desert Xbox. This update also brings several other small changes to the game.


The Altar of Blood has been discovered. This dangerous new challenge will require you to take up to 2 other adventurers with you and challenge an almost never ending wave of enemies. Each illusion of the Altar of Blood becomes progressively more difficult to pass, and you will need to use all the tools at your disposal to get through the illusions. 

To find the Altar of Blood, you will need to complete the ‘[Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past’ quest. Once this quest is complete you will be able to access the Altar of Blood through either the Ring Menu or the Start Menu. Only a party leader can start the mode, so make sure your party leader is ready and able to start the process.

To find out more on Altar of Blood, head to our GM Notes here [Link].



3 new quests have been added which will reward you with a pet each. You will find a suggested quest category called [ADV Support] Pets, Loyal Companions, which will show 3 quests. Take these quests and chat to the quest giver to receive a new pet. Each of these pets has a different milestone that you have to have reached in order to get the pet.

[Pet] Bartali’s Buster
In order to get Igor Bartali’s family dog, Buster, you will need to have completed the Balenos main quest ‘Embarking on an Adventure’. Competing this quest will award you [Pet] Bartali’s Buster which is a classic type pet. Like all dogs, it’s talent is the Skill EXP Boost and it’s special skill is Hostility Detection.

[Pet] Kalis’ Delphe
In order to get Delphe, the fearless sky hawk of the Kalis Parliament, you will need to have completed the quest ‘Looking for Adventurers’ in the main Calpheon Quest line. Once this quest is completed, you can talk to Herman Feresio of the Kalis Parliament to receive the [Pet] Kalis’ Delphe which is a classic type pet. Like all hawks, this pet will increase your chance to gain knowledge and increase your chance to get a higher-grade knowledge increase.

[Pet] Bareed’s Junaid
In order to get Bareed’s Junaid, you will need to have completed the main Mediah questline which ends at [Co-Op] Awakened Black Spirit. Once this quest has been completed, you will be able to accept the quest and receive the Junaid Pet. This pet is a classic type pet, and like all cats will give Life EXP boost and will find resources that you can gather. 


You can now place matchlocks within a Morco’s Gear Bag. Although changing to matchlocks isn’t particularly important in the game, this change will allow you to quickly switch between your combat gear and life skill gear.

There are also some changes being made to the enhancement options of green gear. You can now select between enhancing for durability or enhancing for the enhancement level between +9 ~ +14 for weapons and +7 ~ +14 for armors. Before this change, you could choose between enhance or durability options between +7 and +14 for weapons, and +5 to +14 for armor.


For people who enjoy fishing and then using it for cooking, we have doubled the efficiency of dried fish in cooking. The following dried fish efficiency has changed:

Dried Mudskipper, Dried Saurel, Dried Filefish, Dried Scorpion Fish, Dried Mullet, Dried Dace, Dried Bluegill,Dried Perch, Dried Notch Jaw, Dried Mudfish, Dried Goby Minnow, Dried Bitterling, Dried Bleeker, Dried Yellow Fin Sculpin, Dried Greenling, Dried Flatfish, Dried Round Herring, Dried Silver Stripe Round Herring, Dried Whiting, Dried Dolphinfish, Dried Striped Catfish, Dried Surfperch, Dried Blackfin Sweeper, Dried Gurnard, Dried Sandfish, Dried Rosefish, Dried Fourfinger Threadfin, Dried Soho Bitterling, Dried Bubble Eye, Dried Rosy Bitterling, Dried Roundtail Paradisefish, Dried Rock Hind, Dried Butterflyfish, Dried Tongue Sole, Dried Mackerel Pike, Dried Sandeel, Dried Shuttles Hoppfish, Dried Oily Shiner

The drop rates for Black Magic Crystals has been decreased in multiple areas.

Basilisk Den: -50%
Taphtar Plain: -50%
Hystria Ruins: -66% ~ -50%
Aakman Temple: -50%
Roud Sulfur Mines: -50%
Plia Ku Jail: -50%
Basim Base: -50% ~ 40%
Crescent Shrine: -50%
Cadry Ruins: -50%
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair: -50%
Karanda Ridge: -50%
Kisleev Crag: -50% 


The recent world boss changes are being extended. When a World Boss becomes berserk, it will now lose a portion of its health. So as their AP increases during each of the stages, their HP will decrease. When they first enter their berserked state, they will take damage which can drop their HP no lower than 60% of their total HP. When they berserk the second time, the HP lost can not drop them lower than 10%. This change applies to the following bosses:

Kzarka, Nouver, Karanda, Kutum


New titles have been added to the game for progressing through the Kamasylvia Questline. You can earn the title ‘Wings of Kamasylvia’’ through the Kamasylvia questline which is accepted from Brolina Ornette. We have also changed the requirement of earning the ‘Lemoria Guard’ title which will now be rewarded after completing the ‘Lemoria’s Will’ quest.

There are also changes coming to certain repeatable quests. These quests will be changed from repeatable per character to repeatable per family. This means that you will only be able to accept them once per day.

 - [Daily] Moria's Fervor for Research

 - [Daily] You Wanna Tango?

 - [Daily] Subduing the Force

 - [Daily] Fuming Frenzy

 - [Daily] Disruption

 - [Daily] Deep Grudge

 - [Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I

 - [Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II

 - [Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I

 - [Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II

 - [Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I

 - [Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II

 - [Daily] New Pride of Giant Lions

 - [Daily] Rohu's New Hobby