GM Notes [GM Note] Surviving the Altar of Blood
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Yaz has discovered a way to access the Altar of Blood - where the Immortal Alchemist Caphras attempted to revive Kzarka in order to fight against Hadum, the Ultimate God of Darkness. By using the power of the Gem of Balance, Adventurers will now be able to access the Altar of Blood and face off against dark illusions. 

Altar of Blood allows parties of 3 to enter, so grab some friends or use the party finder to find other adventurers who are willing to attempt the Altar of Blood.


How to find the Altar of Blood

In order to start the Altar of Blood, you will need to complete the ‘[Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past’ questline.

By completing the quest line, you will be able to access the altar via your Menu or Ring Menu. 


Getting down to business

In a team of three, you will need to defend the relic in the Altar against waves of monsters and bosses in every Illusion stage. 


Select a party leader who is the most knowledgeable, as 50 energy is required to call forth the Guide of the Abyss and another 10 energy to activate the Altar. You will have to start at the 1st Illusion unless you obtain the knowledge from the 5th Illusion, Heritage of the Forgotten - Distrust. Once you have that knowledge, you will be able to start from the 5th Illusion rather than the 1st.



The enemies become increasingly stronger as you climb from the 1st Illusion to the 10th Illusion in the Altar of Blood.


Each Illusion stage has a boss that comes forth after you defeat the monsters. These Illusion bosses are slightly different from the monsters that you have been facing, so work as a team to take them down! 


Illusion Stages

Table Type 4
Illusion Stages
Stages Monsters Bosses

Obtainable Knowledge


The 1st Illusion: Savage Goblins Giath Heritage of the Forgotten - Savage
The 2nd Illusion: Detest  Red Orcs Org Heritage of the Forgotten - Detest
The 3rd Illusion: Elusion Hexe Sanctuary Skeletons  Hexe Marie Heritage of the Forgotten - Elusion
The 4th Illusion: Desire Saunils Saunil Siege Captain Heritage of the Forgotten - Desire
The 5th Illusion: Distrust Imps Red Nose Heritage of the Forgotten - Distrust
The 6th Illusion: Despair Desert Nagas
Desert Fogans
Argos Saunils
Cadry Followers
Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper
Desert Fogan Chief Gatekeeper
Crescent Chief Gatekeeper
Cadry Chief Gatekeeper
Heritage of the Forgotten - Despair
The 7th Illusion: Oblivion Lavas of Valencia Ferrid Heritage of the Forgotten - Oblivion
The 8th Illusion: Betrayal Basilisks
Basilisk Commander
Centaurus Commander
Heritage of the Forgotten - Betrayal
The 9th Illusion: Fear Aakmans Kreator Heritage of the Forgotten - Fear
The 10th Illusion: Regret Hystria Ancient Weapons Laytenn Heritage of the Forgotten - Regret



A looming shadow of corruption has descended down upon the Altar of Blood, embuing the monsters that appear there with a dark energy that greatly improves their powers. This power increases their hit points by 40%, and their attack and defense power by around 50%. As these new monsters are reworked in darkness, knowledge of the area has been reset.


Altar of Blood Rewards

As you progress through the Altar of Blood, you will have the chance of getting the Heritage of the Forgototten of the corresponding stage that was completed. The Heritage of the forgotten has a low chance to reward a Defensive gear box of the following grades.

Defense Gear Box

Obtainable Items

Defensive Gear Box of Oblivion

100% Chance to obtain TRI Defensive Gear

Defensive Gear Box of Distrust

100% Chance to obtain TET Defensive Gear

Defensive Box of Desire

100% Chance to obtain PEN Defensive Gear


The type of item depends on the grade of the defense box.

Defensive Gear Box Grade

Obtainable Items

Green Grade










Blue Grade



Yellow Grade


Red Nose



Dim Tree Spirit





The Altar of Blood awards better rewards the higher the stage you clear.


As we have reset the knowledge of the Altar of Blood, we will also be revising the first clear rewards. The rewards for the first clear of each stage are as follows.

Altar of Blood Stage

Challenge Reward

1st Illusion

Perfume of Courage x3

2nd Illusion

Advice of Valks (+20)

3rd Illusion

Memory Fragment x20

4th Illusion

Advice of Valks (+30)

5th Illusion

Cron Stone x20

6th Illusion

Hard Black Crystal Shard x25

7th Illusion

Gold Bar 100G x5

8th Illusion

Sharp Black Crystal Shard x40

9th Illusion

Advice of Valks (+100)

10th Illusion

Memory Fragment x80


Altar of Blood Details

  • Only a party of 3 can enter
  • Any character that is level 56 or higher and has completed the prerequisite questline from the Black Spirit for Altar of Blood can enter
  • If the Illusion was cleared but a character has died, that character will not be able to obtain the knowledge. The knowledge is picked up in the loot.
  • The party leader can enter the Altar of Blood via the Menu or Ring Menu
  • At the beginning of each Illusion, the stage will not start if the party leader does not have enough energy
    • You can appoint a new party leader that has enough energy to start the next Illusion
  • Only the party leader can choose to retry the Altar of Blood
    • Appointing a new party leader is possible while the Altar of Blood Retry UI is open
  • You will not be able to leave your party once you are inside the Altar of Blood. 
  • Once a party member is defeated, they cannot be revived until the Illusion is completed.
  •  If the party is defeated as a whole, the party will be transported to the Altar where they can call forth the Guide of the Abyss again [50 energy will be required to call the Guide and another 10 energy to start an Illusion]. 
  • If a boss is defeated while having at least 1 party member alive, then all dead party members will be revived and HP will be restored
  • If the party is defeated, the party leader can use a Nightmare Fragment to revive instantly and retry the wave you are on. Otherwise, the party will be revived with full HP and returned to the Illusion stage selection screen. 
  • Campsites, Maids/Butlers, World Map, Quest UI, and the Minimap cannot be accessed
  • You can exit the Altar of Blood via the Menu or the Ring Menu
  • Combat EXP and Skill EXP cannot be obtained from defeating the Illusion monsters
  • Item Drop Amount/Drop Rate Increase effects do not apply

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