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GM Note Elion’s Chosen 01.08.2020


The Valkyrie makes her way to Black Desert PlayStation 4. Elion’s chosen warriors wield sword and shield in pre-awakening, and once awakened will be able to handle the powerful Lancia. She personifies a defensive and measured approach to combat. 


A Brief History of Enslar


Although it is recent history, legend will be told through generations about the first Valkyrie Enslar. Stories of her heroics on the battlefield will be speckled with mentions of her radiant red hair and the graceful way she wields the almost oversized Lancia and Shield. The Lancia was at least as big as her torso, yet she held it as though it was a tiny dagger.


Even more impressive was her ability to master new techniques. She could almost channel some kind of Sacred Power to rapidly learn new things. The Church of Elion claimed that these powers were bestowed upon Enslar by Elion, compiled a treatise on Valkyrie and established the Holy College of Calpheon where Enslar would reside as Commander. This rapid acceleration would have taken most off-guard, yet Enslar accepted her new responsibilities with grace and integrity that is now associated with a Valkyrie.


Enslar’s reputation flourished. She was a renowned warrior on the field, and took the time to help set up training for others to follow in her footsteps. Many saw her as a shining beacon of Calpheon’s military might, and with Enslar leading the charge Calpheon would prosper like never before. And this would have been the case, if not for internal strife that very few on the outside ever saw.


Her role as commander of the Holy College was more of a figurehead role. The Elion Church implemented strict recruitment policy. The girls who joined the college were mostly there due to the money their parents spent on their behalf. It became a prestigious academic college, with the combat aspects almost coming second fiddle to study. While the girls were given extensive combat training, their teachers were cruel and many dropped out or were banished from the college. Enslar was powerless to change these procedures, yet she maintained integrity and trained with a more common shield and sword with the trainees.


The day came where the Valkyries number was enough to put a battalion on the battlefield. It took time, but slowly but surely more of the girls were graduating. Enslar became their leader, and they all followed her orders to the tee. As a sign of respect, it became an unwritten rule that a Valkyrie would dye their hair to match Enslar’s glorious red, a sign that Enslar herself was flattered by.


Their first mission was to head to Calpheon Shrine and seal Kzarka, who had recently began to show there. Enslar knew her warriors were ready, yet such a challenge would test the limits of the strength. They would need to be on top of their game in order to maintain composure on the field. As they set up their camp, she sat with her sisters-in-arms and asked them to meditate with her. To become attuned with Elion’s will and to complete this dangerous task.


After an hour of meditation and a hearty meal, Enslar returned to her tent to find a message from Bacho Ladericcio. She didn’t know how the letter had got there, yet the message shocked her.


‘Chaos shall exalt Elion. Present your Valkyries to Kzarka, and offer their pure blood as a sacrifice’


As a soldier, Enslar knew that she had to follow orders from the Elion church. It tore her apart and that night she didn’t sleep at all. Disobeying an order could mean the end of her, yet following this order would mean the end of her sisters. When the sun rose over the mountains and filled Treant forest with warm light, she readied her Lancia and Shield. This sight inspired the other Valkyries, as they all took up arms and marched in formation to the Calpheon Shrine.


Each step brought Enslar closer to a choice, yet she maintained her composure on the outside. As they reached the inner sanctum the Lord of Corruption greeted them. This split second decided the future of the Valkyrie, and of Enslar in particular. She raised her Lancia, still second guessing her decisions until it was fully in the air, she charged. Together with her sisters they fought off the corruption. They cut back the corruption, piece by piece. Together they stood, Elion’s soldiers together and fighting a fight like no other. The fight lasted hours, the blessings of Elion providing all the energy they needed to continue. It was not until Enslar’s own Lancia pierced the heart of Kzarka, and they cleansed the area that the fight was done. Kzarka was sealed from the shrine.


The story of Enslar ends here. She disappeared shortly after the sealing, leaving nothing but a note of intent, pierced to the walls of the Holy Calpheon College with her resplendent Lancia.


‘With Justice in your head and Elion in your heart, balance the scales of Ideology on the tip of your Lancia.’ 





Celestial Spear

The Valkyrie raises her sword to the sky can calls down a spear thrown by Elion himself, knocking Valkyrie’s foes to the ground.



Judgement of Light

The Valkyrie calls out for Elion to deliver his final judgement on those unworthy. The power of the blast causes enemies to bounce high in the air, dealing an incredible amount of damage.



Sacrum Ferit

Using her powerful shield to open up the enemies defences, the Valkyrie lunges in with her Lancia, piercing through multiple enemies.




The Valkyrie charges into the front lines, hitting all those in front of her with her powerful lancia attacks.