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Black Desert 2020-01-08 08:30

Adventurers, the first update of 2020 is here. We’re bringing Elion’s Chosen Champion Valkyrie, training dummies, and more!



The shield of Elion approaches, as the Valkyrie makes her way to Black Desert for PlayStation 4. Blessed by the god himself, Valkyrie wields a sword and shield to engage as the first line of offence against Elion’s enemies. She also has access to her awakening at her introduction, giving her the ability to wield the mighty Lancia. Find out more about Valkyries and their origin story from the Valkyrie GM Note:


A new UI is being rolled out for Playstation 4. You may have seen some parts of this being added over time (Fairy UI, New Mailbox) but we have added a large portion of the new UI to dialogue windows, enhancement windows and more. Check out the screenshots below to see the new UI elements added to Black Desert.






We have added training dummies to Black Desert. By purchasing a training manual from Jamie Drucker, you will be able to spend a varying amount of time honing your skills on non-moving targets. These training manuals cost silver to purchase, and are available in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova and Valencia. Once you have the manual, head to the training dummies and press △ to begin the training.

When using the Training Manual, you will be able to gain Combat and Skill EXP at a significantly lower rate than fighting monsters, however the EXP you gain will still be subject to other Combat EXP buffs such as Golden Bells, Hot Time Events, Milk Tea, Scrolls. 




1 Hour

1,000,000 Silver

3 Hours

3,000,000 Silver

5 Hours

5,000,000 Silver

10 Hours

10,000,000 Silver



New Imperial Trade Merchants are making their way to the Balenos 2 servers of Black Desert. These trade NPC’s will offer much more silver than the normal trade managers, however they are looking for specific items that they can then sell on. To see which items they are currently looking for, head to the start menu, and select ‘Trade Info’. This menu shows what the Imperial Traders are looking for, and by pressing ‘Square’ on the item, you can see where you will need to purchase them from.

Like other Imperial NPC’s, when you trade, you will get Shiny Golden Seals that can be exchanged for special items including wagon covers, Black Essence and more. 


We are removing Green Armor from vendors across Black Desert. This is in an effort to stimulate the Central Markets prices for these items, and make earlier areas of the game a little more profitable. The following items have been removed from NPC’s. 


Taritas Helmet

Strength Helmet of Heve

Taritas Gloves

Strength Gloves of Heve

Taritas Armor

Strength Armor of Heve

Taritas Shoes

Strength Shoes of heve

Agerian Helmet

Luck Helmet of Fortuna

Agerian Gloves

Luck Gloves of Fortuna

Agerian Armor

Luck Armor of Fortuna

Agerian Shoes

Luck Shoes of Fortuna

Zereth Helmet

Talis Helmet

Zereth Gloves

Talis Gloves

Zereth Armor

Talis Armor

Zereth Shoes

Talis Shoes

Grunil Helmet

Rocaba Helmet

Grunil Gloves

Rocaba Gloves

Grunil Armor

Rocaba Armor

Grunil Shoes

Rocaba Shoes


Note: You can still purchase these items from vendors when you have the correct amount of amity. Amity is consumed when purchasing items this way.

We will also be raising the maximum prices of the following items on the Central Market. Items will not be set here, but will be able to reach new heights. 



Max Price Increase (%) 

Heve Helmet


Fortuna Helmet


Grunil Helmet


Rocaba Helmet




[Updated] The following changes were made to Dandelion Weapons:




Item Effect

Additional Damage to Humans

Extra Damage to All Species

Dandelion Enhancement Level



+6 ~ +9



+10 ~ +12



+13 ~ +15

















  • Fixed an issue where Shais were getting stuck inside the structures of the Eastern Gateway
  • Fixed an issue where certain consecutive quests were showing incorrectly.
  • Addressed an issue where NPC’s in Altinova appeared to float.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment could not be selected in the Fairy Growth menu in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where new items registered on the Central Market would start at an abnormally low price.
  • Pearl Shop Items added to the Central Market will now be registered at a set price. Prices can still vary, but that variation has been significantly reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Freed Magical Shards would not restore the durability of the Red Sand Crystal Ring.
  • Item Description for the Basteer Shuriken has been corrected. 
  • The Mail, "100G Gold Bar to All Adventurers" and "Connection Fixed + compensation" was sent to all users as compensation. This mail will expire on January 15th 11:59PM UTC+0. Please make sure that you have collected this mail before the mail expires.
  • All of your missing items that were being transported during the January 9th maintenance can be found in your Heidel Storage.

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